Metal Signs

Are you looking for a signature piece that sets your storefront or the entrance to your business apart? Metal signs from Behrends are custom designed works of art that combine elegance, beauty and longevity. State-of-the-art machinery, skilled craftsmanship and years of experience consistently deliver professional results for our diverse clientele. Show your clientele and your competition that you’re here to stay with a custom metal sign from Behrends that will last for generations. 

Antique Metal Signs

Antique metal signs offer a timeless beauty, and stand as a symbol of heritage and of times gone by.

Custom Metal Signs

Custom cast metal signs will enhance the credibility and appeal of your brand and show that you’re in business for the long run.

Vintage Metal Signs

Let our experienced craftspeople take you back in time. Vintage metal signage from Behrends capture the spirit of an age.