Awards & Recognition Plaques

Every organization has someone to honour, celebrate, or thank, whether that be donors, employees, volunteers, inspirations, or leaders. Just need a single trophy for a special event? Or are you aiming for the development of an entire awards or Donor Recognition system? Either way, we can create a personalized solution that will demonstrate your gratitude and express your message in a powerful, meaningful way.

Donor Recognition Systems

Donor Recognition Systems help you honour and show thanks to those who have pledged support to your cause.

Donor Recognition Plaques

Are you looking for a full Donor Recognition System that recognizes all who’ve helped out?

Employee Recognition Programs

We’ll design and build custom one-off awards, or work with you to design a full recognition system.

Award Plaques

For over 60 years, we have been crafting plaques and awards to suit many different occasions, and we’ve developed expertise in a…

Corporate Awards

Corporate awards programs that incorporate employee recognition plaques provide positive feedback for hard work and a job well d…

Employee Awards

At Behrends, we have years of experience designing and building employee awards, and will help you find your perfect award solut…

Military Awards

Military service awards are living testaments that remember and honour those who protect us.

Recognition Awards

Recognition awards are one of our specialties - we understand the value in saluting an outstanding employee or team.

Safety Awards

A safety award program can provide incentives that foster a positive attitude toward safety throughout your organization.

Service Awards

Encourage your employees to go above and beyond and reward those who do by incorporating a service awards program.