Discover Behrends Group’s Exceptional Signage History in the Hotel Industry

As we gear up to attend the Hospitality Design Exposition and Conference (HD Expo) from May 2 to 4 in Las Vegas, we thought we’d reflect on and share some of our work and experiences in the hotel industry. We have a long history in the industry, one that stretches back over 65 years!

Back when Behrends Group was known as Behrends Bronze, we were the key supplier of cast bronze, brass, and aluminum signage in Canada. Our high-end castings were a natural fit for the country’s prestigious hotels that wanted to stand out from the rest. We produced signage for the Hilton Toronto in the downtown area and a series of Holiday Inns located on the East Coast. For the latter project, the hotels had a nautical theme, so the brass signs with unique rivets really fit the character of the design.

One of our recent projects that stands out is the signage at The Armory. The client came to us with no preconceived idea for what they wanted their suite plates to look like, so our team had almost free reign to use whatever materials, shapes, and methods they wanted. The suite plates we created blend frosted acrylic, brushed and milled aluminum, and a tactile number plate with braille (you can view the design below). The process involved a few minor edits during the design stage, which were mostly done to reel in the cost. Similar signage projects that involve 3D modelling help as add value by allowing our design team to work very closely with our clients.

With the combined resources of our foundry, machine shop, router tables, flatbed printers, and now our 3D model printers, our sales staff and design team have access to all the tools that can allow them to creatively showcase any hotel’s brand and personality. Visit us at our booth (Booth #1207) at the HD Expo to chat with our team about our long and successful history in the hotel industry, and to discover how our modern tools and processes can help create quality signage for your hotel project.

You can also learn more about our hotel signage offerings on our website here.

Visit Behrends Group at the 2018 HD Expo in Las Vegas

We’re excited to announce that some key members of the Behrends Group team will be flying out to fabulous Las Vegas to attend the Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo)! Running from May 2 to 4, 2018, this comprehensive show is the leading event for hospitality product sourcing and networking, and we can’t wait to showcase what we’ve been up to and connect with past and future clients.

We’re looking forward to exhibiting alongside the incredible hospitality professionals—including hoteliers, commercial designers, architects, developers, purchasing firms, and product suppliers—that display their products and services every year. On top of building industry connections, attendees will be able to find inspiration as they explore the show floor, learn new ways of design from exceptional industry speakers, and participate in conversations about trends and challenges.

At Behrends, we can design and build completely custom signs that suit your brand, architecture, interior design, and budget. Need help visualizing your signage? Our designers can produce 3D models and renderings to take out the guesswork so you can be confident you’re getting the best product for your money.

As a foundry-based company, we’re able to do things other companies cannot. Casting offers a unique look that’s not attainable using the average sign-manufacturing methods. But it’s not the only method we have in our arsenal—we often integrate modern upcycled material made from post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins. These very popular translucent polycarbonate panel materials work well with our castings. Our shop can cut, mill, and fasten almost any material for signage. Learn more about how we can produce hotel signage that will give your guests the best first impression here.

Stop by the booth to chat with one of our friendly employees about what Behrends has to offer. President and CEO Gen Russo and product consultants Michael Crosswhite and Giovanni Russo will be hanging out at our booth (Booth #1207), and their combined knowledge and creative problem-solving skills will help you find a design solution from our available products.

View our profile in the official exhibitor list, and be sure to star us so you remember to visit.  We look forward to meeting with you at the show and sharing our tradition of high-quality signage!

Hotel Signage

Looking for professional hotel signage that is a true reflection of your establishment, from the first impression to the moment your guests leave? Starting with a dynamic hotel welcome sign and impressive front desk and lobby signage, through to comprehensive wayfinding systems, at Behrends we’ll focus on quality, always staying true to your brand. The care and attention we give to prominent outdoor signage is also applied to every piece of signage throughout the interior, including bathrooms, fire and safety signs, and regulations for pool, spa and fitness areas, as well as ballroom and meeting room designations.

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Address Numbers

Having a dull, worn out address on your home is like wearing old sneakers with a clean suit; it just doesn’t leave a good first impression. Add a little curb appeal to your home with a custom Address Plaque or Address Numbers.  We add elegance, personality and a sense of performance to your home. It’s those little touches that can make a big difference. There are many options to consider when designing an address for your home; for instance installation, whether its mounted to siding, stucco, concrete, brick, a rock or a lamp post. Or maybe its making sure you get the right finish to compliment the hardware or the color of your home. We consider all aspects when it comes to your sign including visibility not only for your guests but for emergency vehicles as well.

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Proud Member of the Heart Safe Community

Did you know that joining the Alberta Health Services Heart Safe Community is a simple way for your workplace to help save lives? Behrends Group is one of only 607 registered Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) locations in the City of Edmonton and we encourage other businesses to follow suit. This program encourages survival from sudden cardiac arrest by educating and empowering businesses and the public to recognize what is happening in cases of cardiac arrest, and call emergency services for help while administering CPR and using an AED.

According to Health Canada, 2.4 million Canadians aged 20 and older live with heart disease that could potentially become complicated as sudden cardiac arrest. Heart disease is also the second leading cause of death in Canada, claiming more than 48,000 lives annually. While there are many contributing circumstances to exacerbating heart disease or increasing someone’s chances of cardiac arrest, these lifestyle issues are not always readily apparent.

The Heart Safe program represents one easy step for business owners to take in ensuring that their clients and employees will have the immediate care they need should their lives be in danger during a heart attack. In addition to reducing other risk factors in the working environment, such as lessening shift work, implementing wellness programs, and reducing stress, by signing up to be a member of the Heart Safe Community, Behrends also gets ongoing support from Emergency Services and Alberta Health Services. This support helps with using the AED equipment, ensuring it is up-to-date and operational, as well as informational services about using AEDs and developing an emergency response plan within the company. As heart attacks can strike at any time, including the work day, it is best for businesses to be prepared – it could save a life.

Interior Identification Signage


The Art of Knowing You Have Arrived

Wayfinding signage is a critical component of all architectural signage systems and is a cornerstone of the work we do at Behrends Group. Often people think of wayfinding as simply helping people find their way and this can be done through a variety of methods, including directional modular signage, exterior directional signage, signage maps and so forth. However, a component of wayfinding that is just as important as helping people find their way is the art of letting them know that they have arrived at their desired destination. This is where interior identification signage is critical.

It is simply not enough to have signs pointing to where a public washroom is if the room itself is not then properly labelled. This issue becomes readily apparent in places that do not have adequate identification signage inside their built spaces and environments, particularly when you have patrons walking around, following directions but then having to double-back on the route they came from to make sure they followed the directions properly. Why and how does this happen? Mainly, it is an issue of not having the proper markings for an end-point of a wayfinding. However, it can also be an issue of visibility or even inconsistent branding narratives. For example, if directional signage uses a certain typeface, colour, material and style, but the identification signage associated with a location does not match those qualities, it might disorient a patron in the space.

For this reason, it is critical to work with signage manufacturers like Behrends Group who know the importance of consistent signage messaging and how to best develop that messaging into a cohesive and coherent system. It is simply not enough to get someone where they need to go, they also have to know they have arrived when they get there. And going even further beyond that basic truth, the system that assists them in moving their bodies through your built environment should also reflect the values and principles that your company or organization seeks to embody.

It is really only when this works properly that excellent wayfinding techniques fade from patron consciousness – facilitating their experience but not interfering with it in any way – and lend themselves to creating a seamless encounter with your brand that they will come away from in a positive light. This cultivation of powerful emotive memories is the dream of every successful brand and it starts with professional signage.

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