Herb Belcourt Plaque and Park Unveiling

A Lifetime of Leadership and Service: Plaque and park unveiled in honour of Metis businessman and philanthropist Herb Belcourt On May 10, Herb Belcourt Park was unveiled at Sherwood Drive and Oak Street in Sherwood Park. The park is named in honour of local businessman, community leader, and philanthropist Herb Belcourt. Belcourt is a founder of Belcourt Construction, Canative Housing Corporation…Read More

Memorial Planning with Urn Gardens

Preparing final arrangements for yourself or for loved ones can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but it can also be an opportunity to make important and powerful decisions relating to family memory and personal legacy. Many people, before looking at all the vast options available for funerary arrangements, are unaware of options for commemorating cremations and are pleasantly surprised to…Read More

Metal Signage Materials

Metals have been essential to human technology and art for millennia. In sign building and design they are an automatic choice of material for anyone who wants a sign that communicates permanence, individuality, and style. With their diverse characteristics, there is a metal to suite any style and signage solution. Some of the metals our foundry works with include: Bronze Bronze has been in use since…Read More

Mixed-Medium Custom Subdivision Signage

Subdivisions are growing at an incredibly fast rate and each suburban space is actively cultivating a sense of small community within the large municipal area. One such way this is being done is through carefully executed subdivision signage which “brands” a neighbourhood, sets its boundaries, and establishes a sense of place from the get-go. These are just some of the ways that signage contributes…Read More

Parks Canada Historic Plaque

Image source: Behrends has been working closely with Parks Canada for many years in providing commemorative and historical plaques. Click on the link below to see the write up from Sign Media Canada on one of the most recent commemorative plaques.  ...Read More

Present and Lasting: How bronze plaques create historical meaning in social spaces

Effective built environments are more than just physical places; they are social spaces which craft emotional interactions between individuals, places and communities. Sometimes, the desired effect of an environment is to be vibrantly current and to foster a forward thinking attitude in its users. Other times, creating ties between individuals, community, and place requires the creation of historical…Read More

Custom Metal Letters for Address Signs

Our homes are the centerpieces of our lives and we spend a lot of time, energy and money making sure that we invest quality materials in them so they last as long as possible while remaining stylish and expressive of who we are. As homeowners, we want to ensure that our dollar goes as far as possible but one point that we may overlook is the quality of our metal address signs. We might make sure we…Read More

Custom House Numbers: Set Your Home Apart

You’ve spent a long time designing the interior and landscaping of your brand-new home and you’re about ready to settle in and enjoy the fruits of your labour. There’s only one problem: you’ve left the identification of your house up to a generic set of numbers that you bought at the local hardware store. Your address is one of the most crucial indicators for visitors, service people, postal…Read More

Custom Address Plaques

Custom Address Plaques to Reflect the Prestige of Your Home We spend so much time making sure the interiors of our homes are welcoming, beautiful and long-lasting, and might spend just as much time and effort making sure the exteriors of our homes are appealing and long-lasting; however, one point of beauty and longevity is often overlooked: address signs. Custom address plaques are part of the finishing…Read More

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