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4 Things Every Custom Artisan Foundry Needs

At Behrends, the Foundry has been at the heart of our legacy for the past six decades and although we have branched out into very innovative and exciting areas like architectural signage and experiential graphic design, we still stay true to what our artisan foundry has always provided: outstanding custom metal-work that offers unparalleled signage creations. Our signage is known for creating outstanding impressions from the first to those that last, and although a lot goes into creating these design works, there are a few key things that our custom artisan foundry simply couldn’t exist without.

1. Vision and Experience

Both of these factors go hand-in-hand because even the most innovative design visions still need to be realistic and functional. Our design team consults with your business or organization to determine what kind of statement you want to make and aims to exceed your expectations. We have the knowledge and experience to determine what is possible and can push the limits of the imagination to develop something truly unique and previously unseen. At the same time, we are used to solving countless design problems in different climates, environments and built structures simply because of how long we have been in the industry and because of the talented individuals on our team. You can trust that, with us, your project will be functional, long-lasting and will also have the “wow” factor you are looking for.

2. Artisan Craftspeople

Vision means little with the talented artisan craftspeople to execute that vision perfectly every time. Our emphasis on artisanal work is what sets us apart and what sets you apart when you invest in our products. Using traditional, and sometimes non-mechanized, methods we offer hand-crafted work that is both unique and professional. In a world of mass, anonymous production, we are adamant about employing tradespeople who have been in the business for years and offer experience, insights and techniques that newcomers or outsourced manufacturers often lack.

3. Knowledgeable Metal Technicians

One very important component of our foundry work is the quality of the metals that go into every pour because a design is only as good as the materials used to produce it. Our smelters are experts at getting metal chemistry and temperatures just right to have the perfect pour, every time. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes to suit your look and we will take care of the rest.

4. Experienced Installers

After a signage project has been made into reality, it needs to be properly mounted so its legacy and longevity matches the materials used and the vision dreamed up. From the highest building to sidewalk plaques, Behrends installation workers have found themselves in some pretty amazing situations, getting brilliant projects up to the satisfaction of our clients. Custom jobs require flexible installations and individuals with trouble-shooting or problem-solving dispositions. Without the absolute best team members in installation, all of our sales, design and building efforts might go to waste, so we take special pride in celebrating incredible installation work and the team members who do it. 

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