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6 Tools We Use to Create Unparalleled Custom Architectural Signage

Architectural signage is a cornerstore of the work that Behrends Group takes pride in. It is an essential part of the signage industry and tends to refer to any custom sign or signage system that helps with identification and navigation. Architectural signage is found in subdivisions, on campuses, and is used in various public and private facilities and can include monuments, recognition systems, directional (wayfinding), entrance signage, branding and any signage elements that guide and inform individuals within a given space.

Since we have had a long, diverse experience in the realm of architectural signage, we have the opportunity to be perfectionists when it comes to the tools we use to get the project done correctly. Over the years we have found strategies and partnerships that work for us, giving us the flexibility we need to make your custom sign visions into reality.

1. DanSign:

Behrends Group prides itself on only offering the highest possible quality products to its clients. Architectural signage is an area that we excel in and part of this is due to our licensing as an authorized dealer of DanSign Architectural Signage Systems. DanSign is a Danish supplier of architectural and flexible wayfinding systems and sign solutions of high quality and unique design – principles that Behrends Group has always built itself on. Based in Copenhagen, DanSign has developed a global network of representatives in North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East since 1982.
DanSign can provide solutions for signage in hospitals, educational institutions, nursing and care homes, companies, shopping centers, cultural heritage locations, museums and attractions, airports, residential buildings, hotels and conference centers and much more. Behrends Group is proud to carry four DanSign product lines which include PlanSign, GuideSign, LockSign, and CurveSign.

2. Wayfinding Strategies:

Wayfinding is a critical technique used in the architectural signage industry but it tends to fly under the radar: when it works, people don’t even realize there is a calculated system in place to move them between points in a built environment. However, when wayfinding isn’t in place or doesn’t work as a system, it becomes immediately obvious because people will be wandering around, lost and frustrated, unable to figure out how to get where they are needing to go effectively or efficiently. After decades in the signage industry, Behrends Group has seen it all, from the toughest spaces made navigable to wayfinding problems solved without an issue. Wayfinding strategies are just part of what we do to make your built environments the best they can be.

3. Identification Signs:

Identification signs are an integral part of any successful wayfinding strategy. Whenever someone visits a built environment, identification signs act like the “X that marks the spot”, confirming the location of a particular place or a person after someone has navigated the wayfinding system to arrive there. Thus, identification signs do heavily rely on directional and information signage also to get people to their destinations. Other typical examples of identification signs include room numbers or names, department names, employee names and positions (particularly for large organizations), or exterior identification signs such as addresses, company or organization names, and/or the name of the government branch represented within.

4. High Pressure Laminate:

If you’re looking for bold, vivid and durable signage that will make a statement, high-pressure laminate is one such tool that we use to get the job done perfectly. Perfect for open spaces like parks, architectural environments and experiential environments, high-pressure laminate signs withstand the weather, wear-and-tear and graffiti. Exterior applications are not the only place that these signs make a statement. Interior applications are also popular and can include signage related to wayfinding, branding, recognition and more. Whether exhibit or wayside panels, museum and science center expositions, directional maps, trail signs or other forms of authoritative signage, high-pressure laminate products bring stunning graphic capabilities to a broad array of applications including interpretive, directional interior and exterior signage.

5. Embedded Aluminum Products:

Embedded products involve a process that creates a seamless digital image transfer to an aluminum surface. These images can include logos, photographs, drawings, or any other choice of imagery to include permanently in the built environment and customize the look and feel of your space. Another benefit of this type of signage is the way in which colour is included in the final product to create vivid products that are resilient, enduring abrasion or rust, and resisting graffiti. The innovative process used by Behrends Group ensures a modern, vibrant design is realized in a quality product that does not chip, peel or crack, withstands the effects of UV rays for exterior signage, and resists chemical damage from other environmental factors. Further, these products are completely green by being 100% recyclable and have significant longevity in both interior and exterior applications.

6. High Performance Resin:

Resin products provide us with such a diverse number of possibilities, it is difficult to know where to start when singing their praises. A variety of high-performance engineer resins may be used depending on your project’s needs and can be made from different acrylic products to provide you with many styles and finishes. Such possibilities include brushed, stucco, frost, gloss, matte and more, providing you with many aesthetic options that are exceedingly durable. Not only do certain product finishes protect against scratches and UV damage, there are also protective finish options to prevent against environmental stains and chemical deterioration. High-performance resin provides limitless customization possibilities by adding colour, depth and texture to your design.

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