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8 Signs You Need a Professional In Architectural Science

There are many reasons to seek professional expertise in the area of architectural signage. Perhaps it’s as straightforward as simply needing a new store-front sign or address plaque, and wanting to find the very best out there. It’s also possible that high-quality, professional architectural signage could be a solution for a problem you didn’t expect. Here are eight signs that you may need a professional in architectural signage.

Your brand image is lackluster.

Are sales slow? New clients becoming less frequent? Your brand image might be losing its edge. Creative and professionally designed signage can help reinvigorate your image. Working with a design team will make your signage consistent and integrated into your overall image, as well as ensuring that it effectively expresses your vision for your brand.

Customers can’t find your business.

If your business is in a difficult to access location or doesn’t stand out and people keep driving by, an eye-catching sign could be the solution you need. Attract customers, perk up your image and prevent lost and frustrated customers by making your business stand out. For residential locations, make sure your friends can find your house with a tasteful address plaque customised to suit your home.

You want to honour an important person or past event.

Behrends has extensive experience designing and creating historical memorials. Whether you want to memorialize family or community history, a traditional plaque or interpretive signage are good ways to honour and commemorate an important person or moment.

You want to give recognition to current staff and accomplishments.

Just as it is important to honour where we came from, it is important to look to the future and recognize recent accomplishment! A stylish recognition wall is a good way to showcase talent in your organization.

People are getting lost!

Poor or insufficient way-finding signage can lead to confusion and frustration, making your premises less comfortable and efficient than they could be. There are more elements and factors to consider when designing wayfinding sign systems than one might expect, which is why it’s important to take advantage of professionals with expertise and experience.

You don’t know where to begin.

You’re starting a project that will require signage but you don’t know what your options or needs are. Behrends provides consultation that will help you identify exactly what you want and need, as well as developing the right solutions for your project.

You’re an expert in many areas, but signage isn’t one of them!

A professional has the experience, knowledge, and resources to get the job done right. Knowledge and experience of the practicalities of signage are as important as having the creativity for the high-concept design aspects. We have both!

You want a design experience that stands out and is unique to you.

With expertise comes the ability to create flexible solutions tailored to your needs, and creative designs that will express your vision and image.

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