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Architectural Signage: The Complete Package

Behrends Group has had decades of experience in the field of architectural signage and, as such, we have worked out a fluid process that accounts for all possible pitfalls in this area of the signage industry. Choosing Behrends Group for your consultancy, design and manufacturing purposes means that every aspect of the signage creation process is accounted for and, more than that, perfected.

The following aspects of creating architectural signage have been mastered by our experienced team and ultimately comprise what one should be looking for when seeking out architectural signage companies.

Precision and Durability: There are more things to consider around the design of a sign than simply how it looks and what it communicates. The environment in which it appears must also be a critical consideration in determining how a sign is designed. This is especially important when it comes to outdoor architectural signage. At Behrends Group, we have decades of experience with not only the Canadian climate but also that of greater North America and other areas in which we have worked around the globe. We have dealt with factors of sunlight, humidity, extreme heat and cold, and know what it takes to create lasting signage in all types of environments.

Lighting Considerations: Whether we are talking about indoor or outdoor architectural signage, lighting is always an important consideration. One of the clearest indications of an inexperienced company is that they might be able to produce beautiful signage but that doesn’t mean anything if no one can see it. Understanding how certain materials reflect light at certain times of day, which types of lighting best complement the culture of a neighbourhood and which types of lighting are most effective in certain environments are all part of the experience Behrends Group has developed over the years. We only use the latest technology with cutting-edge modern designs to ensure that your architectural signage is well-lit and highly visible.

Quality Materials: If there is one thing Behrends Group has made its name for, it is quality signage materials. Whether using custom metals with a variety of styles and finishes, high pressure laminate, high performance resin, embedded aluminum, or Dansign products, we have vetted out all signage materials to use only the best. Part of being around for so long means that we have seen all the latest fads come and go. In the end, we stick with quality and use the most up-to-date technology combined with hand-crafted artisan techniques to have the very best material results.

Regulatory Requirements: After a design has been chosen, the remaining obstacles for an architectural signage designer are usually regulations. The obstacle has less to do with the regulations themselves (which have been around for years) and more to do with convincing the client why they need to have these regulations met. Including them in the fabric of every design has become an automatic process for our team to the point that we can create compliant signs that still perfectly execute beautiful design visions effortlessly.

Exceeding Your Expectations: Less experienced companies will likely only be able to meet a client’s expectations, if at all. With Behrends Group, we aim to do better, providing the very best signs and signage strategies than you realized were even possible.

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