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Artisan Products: Setting Your Business Apart And Supporting Your Community

Over time, the signage industry, like many other manufacturing businesses, has become so mechanized and stream-lined that sometimes the human touch is lost in your signage. Cookie cutter signs are a dime-a-dozen and they often reflect the low quality level of craftsmanship and materials that are available on the market today. Investing in companies that emphasize professional craftsmanship and materials means that these qualities will be transferred to your products and, by extension, your brand. Ultimately, the appearance of your signage outside and inside your business walls, leaves a lasting impression on your clients and partners in a way that virtually no other marketing component can.

At Behrends, we have always prided ourselves on keeping talented people deeply involved at every stage of signage production. Our emphasis on artisanal work is what sets us apart and what sets you apart when you invest in our products. Using traditional, and sometimes non-mechanized, methods we offer hand-crafted work that is both unique and professional. In a world of mass, anonymous production, we are adamant about employing tradespeople who have been in the business for years and offer experience, insights and techniques that newcomers or outsourced manufacturers often lack.

Here are just a few of the top ways that artisan products from Behrends can benefit you:

  1. Artisan work sets your business apart from the rest. Not only do you get a one-of-a-kind product, you get to work with us every step of the way to customize your product in ways that just could not happen with larger, more mechanized companies. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and diversity that artisan work affords us, and are happy to extend these options to you.
  2. Artisan work means fair pay and high-quality products. When you employ artisans, you are working directly with skilled individuals who are crucial to their specific field. These are not mere cogs in a machine, but highly trained visionaries who are ready to make your ideas into reality. One ethical benefit is that when you employ the work of artisans, you are dealing directly with those who will actually be making your products and, because this generally removes the middle man of big corporations that outsource their materials and production, you get to support artisans with fair pay for quality work. Not only that, but with years of highly personalized work in the signage industry, artisans tend to know a lot about the best quality materials and for which projects these would be most compatible. This means that you get educated advice on the possibility and construction of every project you desire, resulting in higher-quality products that are unique as well.
  3. Artisan work is usually better for the environment. Another great thing about supporting local, skilled labourers is that they are in the habit of using materials that are available nearby and they tend to use materials more effectively and efficiently than manufacturing facilities of multinational corporations for which environmental waste is less of a concern. Artisan workers are integral parts of their communities and don’t like to see their environment tarnished.
  4. Artisan work supports communities. When you come to Behrends, you become part of our family. We have been working in the community for since 1952 and have established local connections that you get to support through us as well. More than that, the artisanal work of Behrends has been a crucial part of developing the image of the community it serves – a legacy you can share in too!
  5. Artisan work means that what you buy matters. If the other reasons haven’t been enough, it is important to know that in this world of faceless production, when you purchase from artisans like Behrends, you are making a decision that matters. It matters for the artisans you support, the community you uplift, the environment you protect and, importantly, the high-quality, unique product that you receive.

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