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Behrends and the Arts Community

Behrends Group has had a long-standing connection to local art communities and as time goes on, this connection only grows stronger. Artisans in our right, we are proud to uplift and commemorate the work of other arts organizations and groups in our municipality. Using our talents in design and craftsmanship make this process all the more rewarding. Our artisan work contributes to the overall arts culture of our community and is the perfect combination of creative spirit and cooperative efforts.

Behrends has been able to craft achievement walls which commemorate the valuable contributions of artists in our community, as well as donor walls which strive to recognize the important role that patrons play in supporting the arts as well. These commemorative designs are beautifully crafted and serve as their own installations, reflecting the beauty of the work that the artist-patron relationship brings into the world.

At Behrends Group, we not only have our own team of highly talented designers and craftspeople who bring artistic visions to life. We also work directly with artists in the community and make their sculptures and installation pieces through lasting custom metals. Examples such as the McMaster memorial sculpture or the birds which adorn the Fallen Soldiers memorial showcase how we collaborate with high-profile members of the arts community to bring their work to life. Our lasting metals and exceptional experience with foundry techniques mean that their painstaking work is preserved perfectly the first time, every time.

We also support the arts in more subtle ways, including designing and fabricating the signage which adorns buildings that house important arts venues for music and theatre. An exquisite example of this is the new Citadel Theatre Marquee sign which operates as a visual point of reference in the Edmonton downtown arts core. Passersby are drawn in by the custom design work and recognize the high-quality of theatre production that exists inside the building, simply based on the presence and prestige afforded by their signage.

There are many ways that Behrends Group is connected to the arts community as such: not only are we artisans and designers with decades of experience shared between our entire team, we also bring the visions of other artists to life, recognize their patrons and adorn arts houses to engage their audiences as well. At Behrends Group, we are all about the arts and you should be too!

The Arts Community

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