8th place goes to the Creekwood Chappelle entrance sign

For its custom cast bronze letters designed by Sherrick Management.

7th place goes to CCI Thermal Reception Sign

This lobby reception sign is a feature piece in their Edmonton Location on Roper Road. These stainless steel channel shapes and letters have a white halo LED illuminated light.

6th place went to the Edmonton Construction Association – Claude Alston Award

Edmonton Construction Association isn’t a new client to Behrends, in fact Behrends created the original award for them many years ago. They approached us last year to update and modernize the award. We were thrilled with the result and that’s why it made it into our top 10.

5th place went to This Hills at Charlesworth Entrance Sign

What a great feature this turned out to be. This entrance sign has lit letters, painted aluminum trees, aluminum formed pillars that have a wood grain finish and are topped off with aluminum caps. This project was designed by Stantec and produced by Behrends.

3rd place was a tie this year. It goes to the Citadel Theatre and Flanders Field Park.

Citadel Theatre Project

Behrends was approached by Ledcor to produce and build the marquee sign for the citadel theatre. The sign was designed by Dialog Group. The Citadel Theatre celebrated their 50th anniversary year this past year.

Flanders Field Project

Behrends worked with IBI Group on the Flanders Field Park in Greisbach. IBI group laid the initial ground work and left the rest to Behrends to design and develop what was going to be in the park. The Park consists of eight 4” x 4” cast bronze poppies, two phenolic interpretive panels, and two bronze plaques. One dedication plaque and one plaque with the poem “in Flanders Fields”. This plaque had a cast replica of the original poem written by John McCrae.

2nd place goes to the City of Edmonton’s Neon museum project.

This wall was designed by Peter Duke when he worked as an intern for the City of Edmonton. When the job was awarded to Behrends we had some adjustments to make to the design to make if functional for production. This piece consists of painted aluminum plates, aluminum curved header and digitally printed aluminum panels that hold all the information of this museum and the history information

1st place went to the Memorial Plaque for Cenovus.

This beautiful memorial piece was in memory of Jason Christopher who passed away in 2007. This aluminum plaque is 60.5” x 17”. It had a cast aluminum hard hat and sculpted flower wreath which was designed and cast by Behrends. This piece was breath taking and made our #1 choice for the best of 2015.