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Custom Address Plaques

Custom Address Plaques to Reflect the Prestige of Your Home

We spend so much time making sure the interiors of our homes are welcoming, beautiful and long-lasting, and might spend just as much time and effort making sure the exteriors of our homes are appealing and long-lasting; however, one point of beauty and longevity is often overlooked: address signs. Custom address plaques are part of the finishing touches of one’s exterior home. Whether you have built your dream home, have just purchased your forever home or are looking to upgrade the appearance of the home you have lived in for years, address plaques are a simple way to add stylish flair to your home’s exterior – flair that reflects your individual tastes and what kind of statement you want your home to make about you and your family.

Address plaques offer a timeless look with outstanding quality metals that withstand the most extreme of weather conditions. No longer do you have to worry about your address sign wearing down in a couple of years, only to be replaced again and again – easily making it one of those silent expenses that just keeps building over the lifetime you spend in your home. Get it right the first time by coming to custom metal plaque professionals. You work our professional design team to pick all of the qualities you want in a sign, specially designed to complement your home and the surrounding area.

At Behrends Foundry, we are famous for having dominated the plaque industry for decades – and address plaques is one such area where we have always shone. Our plaques are made from the highest quality of metals and you can choose from a variety of finishes, shapes, typographies and paint colours to get a finished product that reflects your values and those of your community.

Someone might ask why you would choose a plaque over individual metal letters and, while we offer both, we recommend custom plaques in the following special situations. It could be that you simply prefer the tried and tested aesthetic of a single-piece plaque. The look of these tends to lend authority and presence to a home. If your address is quite long or includes a street name, a plaque is also the ideal solution for your signage needs because you can get the information you need on a beautiful design that is easy to install and more economical in the long run. Don’t leave the exterior of your home neglected by overlooking this easy customizable way to bring incredible metalwork as the centrepiece of your house. Get the neighbourhood talking in all the right ways by setting an example with a lasting custom plaque today.

Address Plaques

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