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Design Tips for Creating Outdoor Signs That Attract Customers

For businesses of any size, it is important to create an attractive, eye-catching outdoor sign for your storefront property. By doing so, you will be able to have more opportunities to generate sales and revenue for your business, as more people are drawn to your business based on the enticing outdoor signage. In order to create the ideal outdoor sign for your business, you should take a look at some of the following tips that the signage experts at Behrends Group have put together. No matter what type of outdoor sign you require, we can make it happen, so let’s get started!

Bigger Is Often Better

When it comes to signs, no matter where it happens to be placed, you want to be sure that the words are clearly visible from a reasonable distance. Not everyone is lucky enough to have 20/20 vision, so you should make sure the font size of your sign is large enough to read for everyone. In our experience, it is best to stick to the general guideline of one additional inch of letter height for every ten feet of distance from the sign. So for a sign that can be seen from 100 feet away, you should make the letters at least 10 inches high.

Font Legibility

Creativity is always encouraged when creating a sign for your business. It is important to show off your own unique style and identity in your sign, but never at the expense of legibility. Fonts that are overly ornate or highly detailed such as cursive fonts can be hard for passers-by to make out, even from up close. An ideal font doesn’t have to be huge block letters, but it should be clear to see from all vantage points, even at a glance. In order to ensure this happens, make sure you pay attention to details like the letter spacing so the words on your outdoor sign don’t appear too bunched together.

Use Contrast To Your Advantage

When you select the colour of your outdoor sign, the best choices are the colours that will naturally contrast with the surrounding environment. Colours like bright red or yellow are often best, because they easily contrast in a way that makes them stand out, even at a fair distance. Whatever colour you choose, make sure that it also makes sense with your business brand. There are colours for outdoor signs other than red and yellow that contrast well, so don’t constrain yourself based on visibility alone.

Feature A Logo Or Image

You can doubly enhance the creativity and attractiveness of your outdoor sign by adding a logo or image beside the text. This will not only help you stand out in a big way, but it can also actively draw people to your store based on the creativity of your logo or the flashiness of the image you select. If the sign drives traffic towards your business, it has certainly done its job.

For more helpful tips, or to take a look at the amazing selection of outdoor sign possibilities we can offer to you and your business, be sure to contact the Behrends Group today!

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