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Designers Working With Designers

At Behrends Group, our design team is made up of talented and experienced individuals who have worked for our company for many years. As such, they know what is possible when it comes to the manufacturing of signage based on particular design visions. This know-how is invaluable when it comes to determining if a design is manufacturable and can be made more economical for the patron.

That being said, our designers are not a replacement for external designers working in our field. In fact, when we come together, we create a cohesive team. Behrends Group consists of our designers working with your designers for a single purpose: to create the highest quality signage possible.

Our team enjoys the challenge brought on by creating the most innovative and fresh signage products. We are here to assist the work of external designers and make their brilliant visions into a product that can be fabricated effectively, efficiently and which will last. We combine aesthetic needs, a deep understanding of structural requirements, knowledge of local by-laws and budgetary factors to come up with design solutions that exceed client expectations while filling everyone else’s needs.

Whether we develop your signage design or work with your design team, Behrends Group is full of experts who have critical experience in bringing these designs to life through quality, custom materials and based on past knowledge. Your experience of working with Behrends Group starts with thorough consultation and planning to determine the very best designs, materials, placements and installation techniques for projects based on the timeline required and budget available.

Creativity is our forte and is the foundation of everything we do at Behrends Group. It is the reason why designers love working with us. Brilliant ideas from external designers are invigorating to the craft of creating signage and help us by engaging with active members of the design community at large. We get to know how their particular talents and visions to help shape built environments across the municipalities we inhabit together, and can draw on these talents to combine with ours. The result is a cooperative spirit aimed at putting beautiful, branded signage into the world together.

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Designers Working With Designers

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