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Diversity In Plaque Design With InLaid And Recessed Plaques

There are many diverse uses for plaques. They can be used for memorialization, for commemoration at historical or meaningful sites, to mark the dedication of a space or structure, for recognition and awards, or even for uses as simple as home address signs. On their own or as part of a larger project, plaques are a sophisticated and attractive way to communicate a lot of information and meaning. Cast plaques get a lot of attention for their durability and timeless style, but recessed and inlaid plaques also offer interesting design options.

On a recessed plaque, the text or image is etched into the material so it is recessed, instead of raised as in a cast plaque. Etching produces detailed and precise images and text, for a look that can be either classic or modern. Another feature of recessed plaques is that by recessing the images and text, the surface appearance and texture is brought to the forefront, which can be a striking design choice.

Inlay is a technique that uses multiple materials. An inlaid object has different materials embedded in it, flush with its surface, to produce an image, text, or ornamentation. For example, a metal plaque can be inlaid into a wood or stone setting, or can incorporate different kinds of inlaid metals. This mixed medium technique brings contrast and richness to a design. Inlaying a plaque integrates it into its setting and makes it part of the larger structure. For example, a house number sign can be set into a stone pillar or wall. Infrastructure signage can be inlaid into sidewalks and walls.

The 100th Anniversary Flanders Field memorial is a Behrends project that we are particularly proud of. It incorporates many techniques, including examples of both recessed and inlaid plaques. The bronze poem plaque features an etched reproduction of John McRae’s original handwritten poem. The bright bronze surface contrasts with the recessed hand writing, and can be compared to the more traditional cast, raised text of the rest of the plaque. There are also eight bronze poppy plaques inlaid into the memorial’s stonework.

There are many uses for plaques, and they are matched by a similar variety of techniques and design options to match any design vision. Recessed and inlaid plaques are just two of these techniques that can be used to personalize your project.

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Inlaid and Recessed Plaques

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