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Enhance your brand through signage

Branding always seems to be something that is taken care of by marketing executives of major companies and is used for promotional materials or advertising in the public eye. We don’t often think of spaces as being branded, but the spaces that are cultivated to produce a consumer experience are those which have had the most thought put into how they reflect and cultivate a brand.

Let’s face it, in the world of business, visibility is everything and nothing is more visible for increasing consumer awareness and interest than prominent, well-designed signage that uses its materials, style and installation to say something about your business. With signage as the face of your business, it is surprising how often the façade of a company’s building is overlooked. Signage plays no small part in creating a sense of a brand in a space and nowhere is this more common than in the varieties of architectural signage such as those which we have on offer at Behrends Group.

Whether identification signage or those signs created as part of a wayfinding system, branded architectural signs not only reflect company or organizational logos, typefaces and colour palettes, they also serve important functions as well. These functions can include getting people to where they need to be easily or letting them know when they have arrived. The look, feel and usability of a sign can all invoke certain feelings in your patrons and these feelings contribute to a branded experience in a built environment.

Logos are a power tool in brand recognition techniques and it makes perfect sense that a sign would be the first place you think of putting a logo. Whether it’s the golden arches or a certain typeface your clients are accustomed to, it is no secret that signage operates like a trigger, not only cultivating emotive experiences, but also reminding your patron of past experiences with your brand.

Finally, corporate identity signs also convey your brand’s standards. Being made from elegant designs and comprised of beautiful materials, your sign makes a strong statement about what your organization stands for and offers by way of goods and services. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a branded sign is worth far more because it carries with it an organization’s identity and culture, as well as the qualities it seeks to project: professionalism, dynamism, legacy and integrity.


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