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Enhancing Brand and Image With Custom Signage For Hotels and Condominiums

For a hotel or condominium, features such as exterior entrance signs and lobby signage can be among the most important for creating a first impression and establishing the atmosphere and culture that guests and residents will experience. Signage affects the design and appearance of a space as much as décor and the design of the building itself, and thus it contributes to the image and brand of the establishment that operates in the building. Behrends custom metal signage enhances brand and image because its quality, attention to detail, and design are individually tailored to be true to your brand.

The variety of quality techniques and materials offered by Behrends means that we can create custom signage that will stand out of the crowd, projecting exactly what you envision for your hotel or condominium into reality. Hand-cast bronze plaque signage evokes a tradition and establishment, especially when combined with an antique finish. A mirror polish finish or aluminum modernizes a cast sign, while retaining the level of quality associated with a hand-crafted product. Digitally cut letters and logos offer endless design options in terms of font and style. Illuminated push -lettering, which involves a cut out logo or lettering mounted on a stainless steel or aluminum substrate, offers a sleek option that will be eye-catching day and night. Push through lettering can be enhanced with coloured acrylic lettering and logos.

First-impression features such as exterior signage and lobby or front desk signage put a face on your establishment, immediately connecting guests and residents to your brand and creating a sense of the hotel or condominium’s culture and image. A feature such as an elegant staff recognition wall can be an excellent way for a hotel to create a connection between guests, staff, and the hotel’s hospitable culture. By ensuring that these features are unique, true to your brand, and of top quality, your signage will work to enhance your image, creating a positive experience for guests and residents. Behrends offers a range of techniques and materials to create the right custom metal signage for your hotel or condominium.

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Signage For Hotels and Condominiums

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