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From the Stable to the Memorial: Horse Stable and Stall Signs to Honour Humankind’s Animal Companion

Horses and human have been together for millennia with some of the oldest archaeological data showing a deep connection through ridership and friendship in images and early horse accessories. Horses were said to originate in what is now Eastern Europe near Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. There, they mixed with local wild herds and were eventually domesticated to be used as work animals. Since that time, horses have spread across the world, following humans wherever they have gone – to new continents and across various landscapes. Many riders or caretakers of horses will attest to their special relationship with people, including incredible stories of rescue and companionship from virtually every horse culture in the world.

These days, horse culture continues to be experienced and celebrated the world over. Though machines have largely taken over the work duties of horses, they continue to have a special social status for people and have become life-long companions for their riders. Stable owners will raise many different horses, training them to ride with others who also want to enjoy the unique relationships that these incredible animals have with us.



Such a lasting and powerful relationship necessitates signage and labeling that will last even longer. At Behrends Group, we love being trusted with honouring your special relationship with your horse and recommend bronze signs produced in our foundry to enhance the prestige and honour of your stable’s appearance. We specialize in stable signage, including branding (if it is a business for you!) and equine sign namplates for every horse under your care. In the sad event that a horse passes on, we are also honoured to take care of his or her memorial plaques to pay tribute to your companionship.

The entrance feature sign for your stable sets the tone for those who will come engage with your horses and partake in your services. Enhancing a sense of place through signage, while maintaining your stable’s unique voice through customized and creative design, helps to offer your patrons a strong sense of who you are and what your stable is all about. If you have a particularly large property that patrons will need to navigate on their own, or you offer trail rides on your horses, we are happy to offer our services in determining how you manage your brand within a physical space. This can include environmental graphics and wayfinding tools to offer your patrons a seamless and easy riding experience.

A human-horse friendship is deeply personal and nowhere is this more emphasized than in the naming of our horses. A name plaque for your horse, equine sign, on the front of their living quarters offers an organized way of customizing the horse environment. If you have regular staff tending to your animals, particularly on shift work, this system can help orient them and the horses as well.

When your horse sadly passes on, we pride ourselves on helping people through the grieving process by offering custom memorial plaques that are long-lasting and preserve the memory of your beloved animal friends. The level of personalization in your horse’s memorial is completely up to you.

Our foundry work is unparalleled in its craftsmanship and long-lasting quality. There is a reason there is an entire historical age devoted to bronze – it is durable and offers a sense of stability and permanence to any structure. In other words, it is the perfect way to honour your horse’s legacy. The variety available in bronze is very large and diverse depending on your preference for the typeface (font) or how you want to finish your lettering.

Also, using PhotoSculpt technology, we can add a hyper-realistic image of your horse to whichever application you decide on.  This technique offers the opportunity of having an exact picture of each horse on their nameplate and stable space. Alternatively, in exacting detail, the imagery adds a level of personality to their memorials and helps in coping with your loss as you will be regularly reminded of your horse by seeing their image, continuing to bring the smiles and fondness that they gave so freely while alive.

Whatever your needs, Behrends is happy to strengthen the incredible human bond with horses by enhancing the signage, wayfinding and memorial needs of your stables with custom, quality products and personalized consultation.

Horse Stable and Stall Signs

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