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Golf Course Packages From the Front Entrance to the Back Nine

Chances are, that if you’ve gone to a golf course, played a round, made it to the 18th hole without wondering where you’re going and how you’re going to the get there, and have been impressed the whole way, we’ve done our job. Behrends is committed to designing and manufacturing the best custom metal signage and features for your golf course, enhancing the pleasure and experience of your clients to play the best game they can without worrying about the rest. As a Design+Build Foundry, we specialize in creating attractive but functional Entrance Features, Wayfinding systems, Clubhouse Signage, Markers for Holes, Tees and Yards, as well as Awards and Recognition Systems. Your brand and vision will permeate the course to create a cohesive narrative throughout, making your clients comfortable and happy in their golfing experience.

Entrance Features: First impressions are important. You can welcome members with a striking entrance feature that sets the tone for the rest of the course. It confers a certain status on an area to have a stylish entrance sign that is both visible and functional, and offers a sense of arrival that is innovative and expressive. We have decades of experience designing custom entrance features for golf courses, business parks and subdivisions – something that we can apply to your course while using it to determine other distinctive design features throughout your property.

Directional and Clubhouse Signage: A well-designed wayfinding system makes it easy for people to orient themselves in your establishment and navigate from place to place, avoiding frustration and wasted time. Strongly-defined wayfinding is also a great way to reinforce your brand and keep a consistent look from your entrance to your clubhouse and throughout your entire course.

Hole, Tee and Yard Markers: The polished and professional look of our hole, yard and tee markers helps to create a sense of consistency throughout the course and to make the flow of the golf game a lot easier. Stylish and well-designed, these markers guide your patrons from the first hole to the last putt, leaving the lasting impression of your legacy, attention to detail and overall impressiveness.

Awards and Recognition Systems: Every course has people to celebrate, commemorate, thank, or honour, whether it be long-time members, tournament winners, supporters, or sponsors. At Behrends, we have over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom awards and recognition programs. Gratitude and style are not the only reasons for commissioning donor recognition systems for your space. Inspiration, commitment and awareness are also outcomes of effective systems. It is important to recognize that even though the intention behind them is recognition, like all signage, these systems communicate something about your organization. Because they occupy prominent and foremost positions in the visual landscape of your building, it is important to carefully consider what message you are sending. These systems must be attractive, engaging, technologically advanced and professional – qualities that your brand emulates in order to inspire confidence in your donors, from the past and in the future.

Whatever your golf course vision, Behrends has the tools, experience and expertise to execute it with clarity and quality products. In particular, we recommend using cast metal for all of your signage needs as, year after year, both our indoor and outdoor cast metal signs and features retain their integrity with very little to no required maintenance.  Cold-casting or resin based products found with other companies can use a lot of ‘filler’. We choose to use 100% metal for a higher quality, more authentic product. Metal casting has been around for more than 3000 years, and has stood the test of time. At Behrends, we take pride in honouring this age-old tradition. Casting technology has changed over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to staying abreast of the changes and adapting so we can give you the best cast metal products at the best price. Nothing else replicates the look and feel of authentic hand-finished cast metal; it has an elegance that’s been refined since the end of the Stone Age.

How Do We Get Started?

If you have a vision for the layout of your course or a spectacular entrance feature but need advice on comprehensive solutions for that vision, Behrends is the right place to bring your concerns. Even without a preliminary idea, we can arrange for our consultants to develop cohesive, professional golf course systems that will make a great statement for your clientele every time they come to tee off. Contact us to set up an appointment with our consultancy team today. Getting in touch is easy: CONTACT INFO HERE.

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