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How to Buy a LED Billboard: A Complete Guide

LED billboards of all shapes and sizes are popping up all over the world. These bright signs are providing advertisers and their partners with the ability to provide more modern, eye-catching media that has a greater chance of making an impression than a traditional fixed sign or billboard. With this in mind, many people are looking to improve the performance of their billboards by upgrading them to the new LED format. Despite the rapid rise in popularity of LED billboards, there are some who may be hesitant to make this transition due to their unfamiliarity with the requirements and costs associated with these billboards. To help you clear up any uncertainties before you commit to enhancing your signage with LED billboards, take a look at the purchasing guide from the sign experts at Behrends Group prepared below.

Purchasing LED Billboard Guide

Why Do You Need an LED Billboard?

As we touched on above, a digital LED billboard can be much more effective when it comes to your signage making an impression on the people who see it. The moving images that an LED billboard is capable of generating have proved to attract more attention among more people compared to traditional signs and billboards. In addition to the increased attention, an LED billboard is much easier to modify and changed compared to its standard counterpart. You can simply update the image electronically rather than having to hire and schedule a sign crew to change the image by hand. Despite the fact that the LED billboard relies on electrical energy to function, the low power intake of each LED bulb means you won’t have to spend a fortune to keep the billboard list.

What Size is Required?

The size of the LED billboard will largely depend on where exactly you plan on putting it. Obviously there can be some space limitations, which you should be sure to take into account before you commit to certain billboard size. Typically, a manufacturer will ask for a rough measurement of the area where the billboard will be installed. Keep in mind that these LED billboards are measured in millimetres, so always be sure to give your dimensions in millimetres to get the most accurate size possible.

How Far Away Do You Want it to be Seen?

These days, LED sign manufacturers are capable of creating billboards in a wide variety of sizes to suit multiple needs. When considering the size to make your sign, you should think about how far away you want the sign to be legible. A manufacturer can give you the exact dimensions and pixel sizes you will require for your sign depending on how far away you want it to be seen. Do you want your sign to be seen a few kilometres down the road, or is it adequate enough for it to be visible to passing foot traffic? Once you determine this, it will be easy for a manufacturer to provide you with the exact size dimensions of your sign.

What Kind of Content is Needed?

The best-LED billboards display dynamic and eye-catching content that is both diverse and synchronized to the pattern you come up with. You can set up your LED billboard to play on a continuous loop, or you can add the option to modify additional content by using an asynchronous player. Although these billboards are a major upgrade from traditional signage, you should never forget the principles that make your signs effective. Be concise and clear with your billboard content, while making sure to take advantage of the additional options that will attract more attention such as transitions and enhanced colours.

What is the Purchase Process for LED Billboards?

Purchasing your own LED billboard is a fairly straightforward process with Behrends Group. We begin by providing a quote for the manufacturing and installation of the billboard. At this point, we take certain factors such as size and location (indoor or outdoor) into account, so we can include any other necessary features and components in our price. We then begin manufacturing the sign and preparing it for safe transportation. We will then begin the installation and testing of the sign to make sure it is working properly. After this process is finished, we will remain available to handle any maintenance or repairs for your new LED billboard.

To start on upgrading your signs to a brand new LED billboards, be sure to contact the friendly team at Behrends Group and get a quote today!

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