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Interior and Exterior Modular Signage Systems

If your company or organization is looking for flexibility and sustainability in terms of sign purchasing, it is possible that modular signage systems could be an ideal solution for your signage needs. Modular signs are comprised of both directional and identification elements and are most recognizable as the company “directory” – though their application goes far beyond a simple list of a building’s offices or individuals.

Modular signs consist of highly-visible, easy to understand visual components that are meant to produce wayfinding solutions. In other words, these systems get people where they need to go and let them know when they have arrived there.

Modular signs are a smart choice because of their uniformity but also because of our ability to customize them according to your branding needs. People have come to expect modular signage when they enter professional buildings, seeking out their destination and information about how to get there. Popular in hospitals, clinics, universities, airports and similar public institutions, modular signage systems offer a functional, lasting impression that changes with the fast pace of these environments.

Each component of a modular system can be changed out to enable users to update or change signs with great ease, minimizing the amount of waste a company produces by making it so that only small parts of signs will be recycled as changes inevitably happen.

While the nature of a modular signage system is unlikely to change, the custom components of it can subtly alter a space’s mood to reflect an organizations brand and values. As in all things “custom,” this is where Behrends really shines. Combining carefully chosen signage components and materials, we can produce truly unique systems that fill your needs in a way that cookie-cutter systems simply cannot. Available in a variety of styles  including curved faced signs, slim flat face signs, and a design-friendly grid system sign, modular signage systems can be adapted to your brand by way of typefaces, materials and by incorporating logos. Your signs then have the freedom to evolve as your corporate or professional environment evolves too.

If your clients or patrons are navigating a much larger built environment such as a campus or multiple buildings or pedways, exterior modular signage may also be a necessary part of your signage needs. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, modular signage gives facility managers an easy method of communicating important wayfinding and identification information to patrons as well as helping to reinforce branding and develop an environment’s culture. Available in full colour and brilliant resolution, exterior modular signage comes equipped with similar flexibility as its interior varieties: each component of the signage can easily be switched out as entities require that they be changed with an organization’s evolution. Every step of the way, Behrends’ modular signage systems are ready to grow with you.

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