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Interior Directional Signage for Finding the Way

Interior directional signage, sometimes called modular signage, is critical for helping patrons and clients who enter your business or organizational spaces find their way. In fact, directional signage is the most common type of sign in the industry which tells you a lot about how necessary these signs are for facility navigation. When individuals enter your built spaces, they need guidance that is clear and communicates not only where they need to go in intuitive ways, but also which tell them something about the branded environment which they are entering.

Interior directional signage should fill their expectations by appearing in places that people have come to look for guidance – eye level, turning corners, hanging from the ceiling, at consistent points along the path to reaffirm the direction they are going and so forth. These signs should also communicate in ways that individuals have come to expect when entering certain types of spaces, including using particular fonts, the size of the writing, and the content of what is communicated.

What can be communicated via interior directional signage? Since this is the most common type of signage, one can imagine that the communication possibilities are numerous and include office, prohibition, communication area, washroom, emergency and many other types of infrastructural signs which guide people to specific places.

What we communicate is just as important as how it is communicated. Interior directional signage is one way in which you can consistently reaffirm messages about your brand as well. Modular signs can include logos, colour scheme, typefaces and other visual cues that help develop a cohesive environment. This kind of cohesion is comforting to the people that patron your facilities and can also be used to show a high level of professionalism, a sense of legacy and other values held by your business or organization.

The other important point to consider when it comes to interior directional signage is its adaptability to the changing needs of your space. Your signage should allow for future growth without breaking the bank every time you need something changed. Modular signage in particular comes with its own set of flexible possibilities to ensure that you have the tools you need, with the design quality you require, to upgrade as needed.

When it comes to interior directional signage, Behrends Group has a host of in-house design experts who want to work with you to bring your vision to life. Our foundry and architectural signage strategy teams have a diverse array of materials available to complete your cohesive wayfinding system, minimizing business disruption so you can do what you do best and leave the rest to us.

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