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Lit Signage for Style and Visibility

Lit signage ensures that your business or organization has 24-hour visibility which improves the marketing of your brand, creates a professional first impression and makes it easier for patrons to find your buildings. Lit signs are increasing in popularity in urban centers as a way for companies and organizations to get noticed, even at night. In particular neighbourhoods, these types of lights might even be the legislated norm with more business communities looking for visual cohesion with one another, particularly in kitschy areas or new subdivision developments. Interior lit signs improve wayfinding strategies by enhancing directional or identification signs in particularly congested places such as airports or hospitals. If the idea of 24-hour electricity gets the environmentalist in you up in arms, rest assured that there are green-friendly products available to ensure you have the look you need with minimal environmental impact.

There are a number of lit signs that Behrends Group has on the offer and as technology changes, we continue to diversify your choices. The most common type of lit sign involves LED Front Lit channel letters with trim around the face of the letters (also known as an integrated retainer). These signs are very common but variations do exist and can include: front lit channel letters with no retainer, thinner trim, as well as rounded over and resined faces. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode, meaning a semiconductor device that emits a visible light when electricity passes through it. Most of these lights are monochromatic, meaning that it occurs on a single wavelength, tends to emit less heat and are generally energy-efficient. These types of lights are used everywhere nowadays, lighting LCD displays, refrigerators, flashlights, all kinds of buildings and signage. LED message boards and signs are growing in popularity because of their flexibility in what they depict, full colour applications, and the dynamic nature of their advertising potential. LED signs are low-maintenance and use technology that has a half-life of almost 100,000 hours. Customizable to the point of pixilation quality and angle viewing, LED signs are becoming more popular as the go-to sign for public advertising and communication.

Some companies prefer halo lit signs which refers to both Front and Back Lit channel letters and offers a different look depending on your needs. A step between channel letters and classic back-lit signs are push-through boxes where the faces are generally opaque and have the letters cut out from them. Acrylic letters are then applied to be inset or “push through” as the name suggests, allowing you to choose from a range of colours and lighting options.

Back-lit signs are just as they sound – they contain their own internal lighting system to illuminate signs from behind. These signs tend to offer a soft glow that is both visible and inviting and thus are often used for business signage in the form of exterior storefront signs, site signage and entrance signs. Other custom options from Behrends Group include special retainers that are extra wide, acrylic-faced letters that have invisible metal sidings, and black acrylic facing with white illuminated edges

Lit Signage

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