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Memorial Planning With Urn Gardens

Preparing final arrangements for yourself or for loved ones can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but it can also be an opportunity to make important and powerful decisions relating to family memory and personal legacy. Many people, before looking at all the vast options available for funerary arrangements, are unaware of options for commemorating cremations and are pleasantly surprised to find a wide array of choices, ranging from the very simple to the classically ornate, in the world of urn gardens. Some may also be pleased to find out that choosing cremation does not mean that one cannot be buried with loved ones who have chosen casket burials – many cemeteries offer urn burial plots alongside their traditional counterparts.

Urn burial plots usually have space enough for two urns and a headstone, and can be arranged in a number of ways. Urns can be buried in burial containers, keeping them protected from the elements, allowing them to be made of virtually any material. Alternatively, urns can be buried directly in the soil, in which case metal is the best option to ensure their longevity. Once buried, the plot may be marked with a commemorative plaque, headstone, sculpture or monument. These pieces are of incredible importance to loved ones revisiting the site, and should portray perfectly the legacy of the deceased. This may be in the form of a cherished quote, an embossed favourite photograph, or signature artistic designs – any trademark aspects of your loved one that will forever capture their spirit and remind visitors of the joy that they brought to the world. You can see some of these examples on our memorial page 

It is also possible for those choosing cremation to keep their remains unburied, and in this case a number of choices also emerge. It is possible to have ashes placed within special, hollowed out stones that can be marked with a plaque and kept in a garden or placed under a tree. Ashes may also be placed within hollowed out stone benches or tree stumps that can be dedicated to the deceased loved ones and placed in a favourite sitting spot. Commemorative plaques might be mounted on these containers or placed in their near vicinity in order to honour the life of the person who has passed on.

Ashes may also be placed in decorative urns that can adorn special gardens. A bright bronze urn, nicely decorated and including information about the deceased may contribute to the rustic feel of a special treasure discoverable within a trove of the deceased’s favourite flowers. These urns may be placed among foliage and accompanied by informative plaques or sculptures that can be positioned alongside the ashes or mounted on a nearby tree or large rock. These gardens can be lovingly maintained and enjoyed by loved ones for years to come.

No matter how you choose to personalize your cremation memorial, Behrends group is here to help. With a wide variety of durable metal materials ranging from beautiful urns to personalized plaques and monuments, Behrends is able to perfectly cater to your needs whether you decide on an urn burial, an urn garden, or a combination of memorial sites. With over 60 years experience, Behrends is well prepared to answer your questions and provide you with professional, expert service in determining the best designs and materials for your preferred memorial option. Let’s talk today.

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