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Mixed-Medium Custom Subdivision Signage

Subdivisions are growing at an incredibly fast rate and each suburban space is actively cultivating a sense of small community within the large municipal area. One such way this is being done is through carefully executed subdivision signage which “brands” a neighbourhood, sets its boundaries, and establishes a sense of place from the get-go. These are just some of the ways that signage contributes to that neighbourhood feeling of community:

Subdivision Monuments:

The philosophy of subdivision signage is that the “There’s no place like home” feeling should start the minute you pull into your neighbourhood. Beautiful, mixed-medium and custom signage can trigger the feeling of returning to one’s community after a long day of working hard elsewhere. There should be a sense of relief and happiness that is felt by seeing a beautiful entrance monument, whether it’s the first time or the thousandth time. It’s remarkable how easily a sense of immediate familiarity can be cultivated by creating a logo around the name of a community and representing it on an elegant monument at the entrance of one’s area. Often such signs rarely stand alone and are accompanied by landscaping elements and mixed materials including high-pressure laminate, metal signage and lighting. At Behrends Group, we have years of experience devising the perfect combination of elements to make people feel like a neighbourhood has always been home, whether it’s a brand new development or being freshened up as a historic character zone.

Directional Signage:

Elements from the subdivision monuments can easily be incorporated in all directional signage that is used to help visitors and residents navigate their neighbours accurately and efficiently. Successful strategies for guiding the way will reflect the branded culture of the area they inhabit while being functional as well. The sense of unity felt contributes to the organized feel of a neighbourhood, as well as one’s sense of belonging.

Home Addresses:

Another area that can easily be standardized to reflect the values and unity of a neighbourhood is in home address plaques or signage. Using consistent designs and materials at every residence gives these identification signs the added benefit of contributing the sense of place as well. Your address is one of the most crucial indicators for visitors, service people, postal workers and many others in identifying where you live, so why leave your address numbers up to chance by going with a generic look? Putting the finishing touches on your home means getting the details right and part of that is going with custom-designed house numbers to set your beautiful home apart while still fitting in with and reflecting the feel of the rest of your community.
As we can see, subdivision signage includes elements of experiential design as visitors and residents navigate neighbourhoods alike. Systems are then put in place to make travel within certain areas not only seamless, but also timeless, branded experiences where directional signage, subdivision signage, standardized home addresses and other elements all contribute to the overall “streetscape.” A neighbourhood should reflect the values and pride one places in where they live and one way to do this is through custom, consistent signage that upholds a brand and experience throughout the environment. By providing beautiful signage for highly visible entities, Behrends continues to be the most trusted name for architectural signage in our community.

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