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Pet Memorials:Lasting Tributes For Our Dearest Friends

Our pets are some of the most important members of our families, growing up with our families and growing older with us. They share our days and our nights, and take part in some of the most important milestones in our lives. They are always there, comforting us and taking care of our emotional needs, so it can be doubly difficult when a pet passes on. Not only have we lost someone we love, but the friend that normally comforts us unconditionally is the one who has passed; it is two losses in one.

Understanding your feelings when you lose a pet will help ease the pain from this loss. Helping other family members and friends who were impacted by your pet cope with their grief can be soothing for ourselves as well. This can also include helping other pets who have survived to cope with the loss of their companion too – after all, you are all part of the same family unit and there is no one who is left unaffected by a loss. Coming to terms with your guilt over the loss or possible euthanasia of your beloved animal friend can seem overwhelming, but recognizing that you did the best you could do for them will be a huge step in the right direction of letting go of that. A crucial part of traditional human grieving rituals involves honouring and memorializing loved ones in performative or permanent ways. These can include specific burial sites, funerary rites and permanent grave markers too. It has become increasingly popular in recent years to offer homage to one’s pet by marking their grave with a bronze memorial plaque.

At Behrends, no request is too small and we pride ourselves on helping people through the grieving process by offering custom memorial plaques that are long-lasting and preserve the memory of your beloved animal friends. The level of personalization in your pet’s memorial is completely up to you. Whether you choose a special burial place for your pet and want to mark it permanently, or you choose some other reminder of your pet to grace a special place (such as a bench or sanctuary), we are able to use a variety of mediums to make sure we get your tribute just perfect!

Two of the more popular materials for pet memorialization include bronze and aluminum. Our foundry work is unparalleled in its craftsmanship and long-lasting quality. There is a reason there is an entire historical age devoted to bronze – it is durable and offers a sense of stability and permanence to any structure. In other words, it is the perfect way to honour your pet’s legacy. The variety available in bronze is very large and diverse depending on your preference for the typeface (font) or how you want to finish your lettering.

Aluminum is also a wonderful choice to change the look and feel of the memorial. With a variety of finished looks from mirror polished or textured to vertical brushed, it is forever increasing in popularity due to its resemblance to stainless steel. Ultimately, aluminum casting is cost-effective and versatile. It offers an economical alternative to more expensive metals without sacrificing style and design.

Using PhotoSculpt technology, we can add a hyper-realistic image of your pet to whichever medium you choose. In exacting detail, the imagery adds a level of personality to your memorial and helps in coping with your loss as you will be regularly reminded of your pet by seeing their image. As a timeless investment, the image of your loved one will grace their memorial, continuing to bring the smiles and fondness that they gave so freely while alive. Whatever your vision, at Behrends, we would ultimately be honoured to design a beautiful piece that respects the level of commitment and love that you and your pet shared with one another.

Pet Memorials

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