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Photosculpt - Embossed And Textured Images To Personalize Signage

PhotoSculpt technology refers to the bronze casting technique used to add hyper-realistic images to your plaques and signs in exacting detail. The imagery adds a personalized touch that makes your markers unique and highly customized. Going beyond tailored writing, a picture really is worth a thousand words or more. The lasting impression of bronze from our specialized artisan foundry, combined with incredible artistic depictions of your images will give your plaques a commanding presence, drawing more attention to them and what you are trying to say through quality, artistic signage.


When combined with our specialized foundry work, PhotoSculpt technology offers an interesting final product that stands out for all the right reasons. Some applications for this technology include:

Grave markers and memorials: Remember your loved ones by honouring their lives and their legacies with a high-definition, realistic image of them on their lasting grave or mausoleum marker. The grieving process can be helped by having a regular, visual reminder of your loved one at the place you go to remember them. A brilliant artistic rendition of their image on a bronze casting can bring a smile to your face and help evoke positive memories during your difficult time.

Pet memorials: The PhotoSculpt imagery adds a level of personality to your pet’s memorial and helps in coping with your loss as you will be regularly reminded of your pet by seeing their image. As a timeless investment, the image of your loved one will grace their memorial, continuing to bring the smiles and fondness that they gave so freely while alive. Whatever your vision, at Behrends, we would ultimately be honoured to design a beautiful piece that respects the level of commitment and love that you and your pet shared with one another.

Recognition Systems: Go above and beyond the typical recognition system methods by including an image of the people or groups that you want to recognize. Whether for donors or achievements, PhotoSculpt images help your wall display to come alive. Gratitude and style are good reasons for commissioning donor recognition systems for your space. Inspiration, commitment and awareness are also outcomes of effective systems, particularly those that are attractive, engaging and professional.

Historical Markers and Interpretive Plaques: Make history come alive with PhotoSculpt imagery to tell your story. Whether depicting important historical characters or key historical places and scenes, exceptional pictures executed in brilliant detail will get people talking. Behrends Group has an unparalleled level of experience in bringing historical memory alive in constructed spaces. In multiple civic, provincial and federal contracts, Behrends has excelled at crafting specific sites of memory through beautiful bronze plaques, signage and monuments. No matter where you travel in the city, the style of our products has prescribed the voice of leadership and elected governmental authority – something greatly enhanced by creating visual memories of historical markers using PhotoSculpt.

Whatever your application, know that imagery can greatly enhance whatever message you are trying to convey and that Behrends Group uses the latest technological innovations like PhotoSculpt to produce those images in metal castings. Our foundry has been around for decades and our craft has evolved along with the needs of our clients, the tastes of our culture and the capabilities of our manufacturing. As things have changed for the better, we have had the time to cultivate an excellent foundry process, adding techniques like PhotoSculpt to our vast skills repertoire.


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