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Proud Member of the Heart Safe Community

Did you know that joining the Alberta Health Services Heart Safe Community is a simple way for your workplace to help save lives? Behrends Group is one of only 607 registered Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) locations in the City of Edmonton and we encourage other businesses to follow suit. This program encourages survival from sudden cardiac arrest by educating and empowering businesses and the public to recognize what is happening in cases of cardiac arrest, and call emergency services for help while administering CPR and using an AED.

According to Health Canada, 2.4 million Canadians aged 20 and older live with heart disease that could potentially become complicated as sudden cardiac arrest. Heart disease is also the second leading cause of death in Canada, claiming more than 48,000 lives annually. While there are many contributing circumstances to exacerbating heart disease or increasing someone’s chances of cardiac arrest, these lifestyle issues are not always readily apparent.

The Heart Safe program represents one easy step for business owners to take in ensuring that their clients and employees will have the immediate care they need should their lives be in danger during a heart attack. In addition to reducing other risk factors in the working environment, such as lessening shift work, implementing wellness programs, and reducing stress, by signing up to be a member of the Heart Safe Community, Behrends also gets ongoing support from Emergency Services and Alberta Health Services. This support helps with using the AED equipment, ensuring it is up-to-date and operational, as well as informational services about using AEDs and developing an emergency response plan within the company. As heart attacks can strike at any time, including the work day, it is best for businesses to be prepared – it could save a life.

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