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Restaurant Signage: Creating the Perfect Dining Experience

Excellent signage is an indication of excellent taste and there are few places where taste is more important than in restaurants. Restaurant signs tell us a great deal about the establishments in which they are found and go a long way to not only creating atmosphere but a sense of branding as well. Outdoor signs tell your patrons about your establishment before they have even left the car. With exceptional exterior building signs and business park signage options as well as interior wayfinding systems, indoor wall graphics, product advertising, menu signage and much more, the opportunity for total brand cohesion in the restaurant environment is limitless.

At Behrends Group, we have a long legacy of branding restaurant cultures through signage while making the client experience comfortable and uncomplicated. Clients can spend less time focusing on finding bathrooms or figuring out menu features, and can spend more time focusing on what they came for: your exceptional food.

Restaurant signage does more than just communicate necessary information to your clients to get them where they need to go with what they need to acquire: it makes a statement about your professional commitment to high standards and quality while communicating your selling points to both patrons and passersby. Our eyes eat before our stomachs and this principle applies not only to the appearance of the food you plate, but also the environment in which people are eating it. As such, signage contributes to your client’s overall dining experience and can actually make or break it.

When going into consultation regarding the design of your restaurant signage, bear in mind the following tips for outdoor signage in particular. By communicating what you have to offer by way of good food and a good atmosphere, you are setting the stage for successful dining experiences.

Get their attention. Did you know signs that include logos or graphics can increase viewer attention by up to 300 times compared to signs that only contain writing? Signage should be eye-catching, visually-powerful, and concise. Your message will be conveyed not only through the words on your sign but rather the typography you choose, the readability of the design, the quality of the materials used and how they fit into the overall environment.

Write legibly. There is nothing worse than a sign that no one can read or sticks out inappropriately from the environment in which it is found. People need to have a sign catch their attention but for all the right reasons. With a single glance, customers should be able to understand everything they need to about your establishment. Stay simple and consistent with the typeface you choose and go for precise messaging.

Location, location, location. You thought long and hard about where you wanted to open your restaurant so why leave the location of your restaurant signage up to arbitrary decisions that could leave customers confused? Our professional installers can make most installations work and our consultants will have all the best recommendations about where to most effectively put an exterior sign; its location is more important than you think.

Invest in your future. A lot of signage companies talk about regular maintenance of restaurant signs and while it is important to make sure your sign is in good working condition and free from dirt or debris, it makes sense to invest in durable, high-quality materials from the get-go to keep excessive maintenance to a minimum. Investing in quality signage is an investment in your business and it does not go unrecognized by your patrons.

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