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Signage Terminology Made Simple: A to B

There is nothing worse than an industry so full of complicated jargon that both clients and contractors have difficulty navigating its vocabulary just to get the job done. Signage and graphic design are both no exception to this so we have decided to compile some important “words” to help everyone navigate the industry a little easier. When you want professional help, starting with the group that defines the terms of the industry (in practice and in writing) is the best place to start. And, Behrends Group is doing just that.

Sign Terminology

Acrylic – Acrylic is a term often used in the same way as “plastic” and is a material derived from polymers of acrylic acid and its derivatives. For all intents and purposes, it is synonymous with plastic. At Behrends, we manufacture signs and plaques in the acrylic medium for a wide variety of purposes including wayfinding systems, interior office signage, recognition plaques and much more. It is infinitely adaptable and looks ultra-modern when combined with cast metal, giving a polished professional look to any interior signage project.

Aluminum – Aluminum is a metal with a variety of finished looks from mirror polished or textured to vertical brushed. Increasing in popularity due to its resemblance to stainless steel, aluminum casting is cost-effective and versatile. Aluminum offers an economical alternative to more expensive metals without sacrificing style and design.

Barrier Free – Barrier-free refers to design that is oriented towards the independence and dignity of everyone, particularly as it pertains to vision, hearing, communication, mobility and cognition. The provincially-legislated codes for being barrier-free allow for proper and safe access to buildings and facilities for all individuals, no matter their abilities or background. Accessibility is a requirement for all public buildings excluding some historical sites, single-family dwellings and some industrial sites. For the vast majority of the time, however, barrier-free access is a required duty. Signage is a major part of being barrier-free.

Bench Plaques – Bench plaques are markers of dedication that are added to commemorative and decorative benches in public places in order to recognize or memorialize certain individuals or groups. Usually found in high-profile public spaces, dedication benches get a lot of visual traffic so it is important to have uniform, well-designed and durable plaques to create lasting memories.

Braille – This tactile writing method is used for the blind and the visually impaired as a way of transmitting information beyond visuals. At Behrends, we consult with appropriate translators and can make signs accessible by everyone. Using Braille is one type of barrier-free signage.  Functionality and style are both taken into account when making inclusive visual tools in corporate or office environments.

Branding – Branding through signage refers to the methods and themes used in making your products or services memorable to your clients. Custom quality signage in experienced spaces and environments are one major part of your branding and creating a unified, cohesive voice for your company or organization.

Brass – Reminiscent of the military, brass house plaques have a commanding presence that gives spaces a sense of prestige and presence that other metals cannot offer. With the options of an antique aged look or a brilliant shiny finish, brass also offers versatility depending on what image you want to put forth.

Bronze – There is a reason there is an entire historical age devoted to bronze – it is long-lasting and offers a sense of stability and permanence to any structure. Especially popular with corporate clients and professionals, bronze can lend itself well to any office building or the sophisticated home. The variety available in bronze is very large and diverse depending on your preference for the typeface (font) or how you want to finish your lettering. For someone seeking a lot of options, bronze might be for you.

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