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Signage Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Like most modern industries, there are new trends to be on the lookout for in the world of signage this year. For most of us, signs are something we encounter every day, usually without thinking about them. They serve a very straightforward purpose, but as new technologies are developed, and new innovations are introduced, the old signs we are familiar with may start to change over the next year or so. To stay ahead of these new directions in signage, we’ve put together a short list of some emerging trends to be on the lookout for in 2019. From new digital signs to classically inspired bronze metal signage, there is something new for everyone this year.

Less is More

In the past, you may have seen a lot of multi-coloured signs all over places like retail stores and other commercial properties in an attempt to elicit a feeling of excitement about certain sales or promotions. Starting this year however, you may encounter more of a minimalist approach to promotional signage. We aren’t saying that big, bright sale signs are going to completely be a thing of the past, but there will likely be a decline in the quantities of this type of sign. Subtlety and cleverness will likely take the front seat in terms of signage strategies starting in 2019.

More Digital Signage

Screens are everywhere these days, which is why the trend towards digital signage makes perfect sense for 2019. Not only will digital signs give people more options to alter and expand on original sign strategies, interactive digital signage is also becoming more and more common. Giving consumers the ability to actively gather information that is of personal interest is a trend we expect to see more of in retail stores, theatres, and even public spaces such as parks o transit centres.

Quality Over Quantity

In accordance with the ‘less is more’ approach discussed above, you may find that people are taking a more refined approach to signage and decals. Rather than saturating an area with signs, brands are looking to make more distinctive and noticeable signage apparent to people, rather than overwhelming them with content. Directional decals and instructional signage with practical uses are more common than lots of colours and big, wordy signs. You may also find smaller, more distinguished signage made from quality materials that get noticed such as finished wood or polished bronze.

Trends like the ones we are witnessing in signage this year seem to be moving to a more consumer oriented strategy. To keep up with the latest trends in quality signage strategies, be sure to visit Behrends Group’s website, or contact us directly today.

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