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Strong Alberta Roots, Global Reach

Behrends Group of Companies started in Edmonton, Alberta over six decades ago and although we are a locally-owned, family-run business with strong roots in our province, our reach has extended far beyond our municipality, region, and even continent since we started doing business. Behrends Group started in Alberta because this province has always been the perfect place to build a dream and see it quickly become reality. And no company has shown this to be truer than Behrends.

We have very humble beginnings in Edmonton – in fact, our very first major contract was with the Edmonton Public School Board to create name plaques for classrooms back in 1952 and they continue to be our longest standing continuous client since that time.

From there, we started garnering contracts for municipal governments in Edmonton and surrounding areas, as well as across the province, through the provincial government, with the provincial parks system and in other areas of the country as well. At the more personal level, regular people, as well as small and large businesses have patroned us across our region since our inception. Since that time, we have expanded our reach out east to the main manufacturing areas of Canada and even into the Maritime provinces as well.

Federal government contracts have continued to ensure that the Behrends style of foundry signage, plaques and the like have become the uniform of our country. From your neighbour’s custom address plaque to signs along the Trans-Canada Highway, Behrends Group’s touch has shaped the look, feel and memories of our country.

As much as our work moved into the rest of Western Canada and out East, it also traveled to the south as well to the United States where Behrends landed a number of important contracts and continues to do regular work with clients. Internationally, we have shipped custom metal signage to almost every major world region including Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. We are proud to say that while we stay true to our roots, our reach has gone far beyond the boundaries of the beautiful province we call home – bringing that Alberta and Behrends touch to people all over the globe.

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Alberta Roots

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