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The Importance of Good Signage Installation

There is a saying in the signage industry that rings true now just as much as it has in the past: your sign is only as good as its installation. And an installation is only as good as your installer. Without the absolute best team members, techniques, tools of the trade and everything else wrapped up in excellent installation, the quality of your design and manufacturing team just does not matter. Even the very best signs need to be properly installed to ensure that they are adequately displayed without having to worry about how long they will last.

There are plenty of things that are taken into account when considering excellent installation practices but none are as important as the following three:

Mounting: After a signage project has been made into reality, it needs to be properly mounted so its legacy and longevity matches the materials used and the vision dreamed up. What a sign is mounted to can often dramatically impact how that sign is visualized. If the mounting material does not allow a sign to shine or is particularly difficult to mount on, all of these factors can change how effective a sign is. Installers are sometimes consulted during the signage design process because they have the expertise and experience to lend insight on which kinds of mounting surfaces will work with particular types of signs. Ultimately, they are the ones to fully execute a signage vision by implementing

Environment: The environment in which a sign will be mounted is equally important for making sure the final product looks great, but also becomes a determining factor in what kinds of materials can be used, what kind of lighting systems may be needed and what kind of mounting implements might be used. Installation goes beyond just the sign and the material it is mounted to – it also involves taking a holistic look at the environment in which it appears and taking all other factors into account. It could also mean having to deal with climate factors such as extreme cold, extreme heat or very dry weather – all factors which might affect the longevity of a sign and its long-term appearance.

Logistics: From the highest building to sidewalk plaques, Behrends installation workers have found themselves in some pretty amazing situations, getting brilliant projects up to the satisfaction of our clients. There is a reason clients who want the most exceptional and unique designs (involving the most complex installations) come to Behrends. Custom jobs require flexible installations and individuals with trouble-shooting or problem-solving dispositions. Our installers have been doing this long enough to have the know-how to find creative solutions to design puzzles and they make it look easy too!


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