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The Masculine Trade with an Artistic Touch

When people think of the trades, they typically think of skilled work that is male-dominated and usually involves hard labour with one’s hands. Whether it’s working in the oil patch, plumbing or being an electrician, it is only recently that women have started making significant gains in these traditionally masculine fields.  What makes these fields “masculine” is the perception of grit, hard work and sweat. A foundry is one such area that people tend to think is overly masculine in a similar way, simply because of the nature of the work with one’s hands and the perception that it is “dirty” labour.

Setting aside the question of gender, while it is true that foundry work is hard and takes the experience and energy of focused craftspeople, it is not necessarily true that it is all blood and sweat. It is no secret that Behrends Group Foundry is more of an artisan workshop than a typical labour shop. With some of the longest-standing employees in the industry, Behrends Foundry might involve a lot of hard work, but it is the work of artistic masters in the custom metal signage craft. From our mold makers to our established smelters, from our pourers to our finishers and painters, each member of the Behrends Foundry is an expert link in the custom metal chain.

Using traditional, and sometimes non-mechanized, methods we offer hand-crafted work that is both unique and professional. In a world of mass, anonymous production, we are adamant about employing tradespeople who have been in the business for years and offer experience, insights and techniques that newcomers or outsourced manufacturers often lack. Our history and legacy is carried in the experience of our tradespeople. Each piece that goes on to alter the social and cultural landscape around us first passes through the hands of our team who work hard to create pieces of exceptional quality and beauty.

At Behrends Group, we may have all the appearances of a typical “rugged” foundry but if you scratch the surface a little bit, we go far beyond typical metal casters. We are a team of professional problem-solvers with the know-how to create design and material solutions for every signage need. It is more often than not that we hear engineers and architects coming to us for those special projects that not just any company can do. It is no wonder that we are the trusted name for big businesses, governments, city planners and the like.


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