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The Value of Professional Sign Expertise

Professional signage is a necessity of architecture. Our built environments need exterior and interior markers to help guide people through them, offer crucial information, reinforce our branding, and establish a precedent of legitimacy in our institutions. Professional signage requires expert methods and experience to effectively translate your vision into reality, and there is no group more fit for the job than Behrends Group.

What do you get when you use signage experts like Behrends Group to complete your important projects? What can we bring to your vision that no other company can? Here are just a few of the benefits of professional signage expertise:

Consultation: At Behrends, the first step in any project is learning what our client needs and wants. Exceeding your expectations is where we excel and a large part of this is determining what those expectations are. When initiating a project with Behrends, you are assigned a member of our talented team of consultants depending on your particular needs. These are skilled individuals who are happy to meet with you to learn about your vision, offer insights, and develop a plan for bringing your ideas to fruition.

Design: With five full-time designers, you are in capable hands to move from consultation to designing your vision. Our designers are creative, proficient and adept with the best design technology to give you the latest in signage possibilities. Our team is experienced in executing the highest possible standards for design, developing 3D renderings so you can determine how the signage will fit into your space, and, ultimately, making beautiful, innovative two-dimensional designs into your three-dimensional reality.

Fabrication: Manufacturing is where Behrends Group has built a real legacy. Our production techniques are unparalleled in the industry and with the use of exceptional materials and hands-on artisanal style labour, we have truly set ourselves apart. Every project has the best of technology behind it, as well as the human touch and eye for perfection. Our fabrication staff has a combined experience of at least 205 years – something that can only happen when you have long-standing employees that work hard to make incredible designs into signage that exceeds expectations every time.

Every step of the way, there is a talented professional working with you from the very beginning until the moment your sign is mounted by our installation team, ready to answer questions, offer suggestions, tailor your desires to the project and, in general, support what it is that you want to do through signage. How can Behrends Group offer such a comprehensive method? There are a number of reasons our reputation is the best, our clients are satisfied, and why we can offer a lot more than our competitors:

Experience: We haven’t been in the signage business since 1952 for nothing. Over the years we have crafted every type of project you can imagine, in virtually every medium. We have solved installation puzzles and design conundrums in thousands of projects. Every sign is a learning situation and, at Behrends, we love to be pioneers in the industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible while delivering high-quality, custom signage every time.

Customization/Variety: We have almost limitless capabilities for customization from your design vision to the materials available and beyond. Our experts are on-hand to help guide you through everything from picking the finish to the final installation and mounting options. The nice thing about working with an experienced company that has slowly built its expertise over the years, refining its approach and techniques, is that you get to benefit from everything we have perfected.

Local Awareness: Behrends Group has been serving the local community for a very long time and since we have had a hand in developing its image and visual history, we are aware of what works for your locale. We are also keen on knowing exactly what the unique needs for Canadian signs and installations are. Having weathered a few harsh winters helps us to know what works and what doesn’t in some of the coldest and driest climates on earth. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest, lasting trends and helping your business, organization or home fit in with the urban landscape is part of what we do best.

International Experience: Just as we have the knowledge to solve signage problems according to the local climate, we also have a lot of experience in providing signage for businesses and individuals overseas. With the latest communicative technology, consultations with Behrends Group will feel just like you’re in our office, and efficient production and shipping times won’t leave you waiting. In our research for a project, we learn about every locality we serve to provide a top-of-the-line product that suits your needs and your environment.

At Behrends Group, we don’t just get you a sign and expect you to have the time or patience to deal with it! Our approach is to offer assistance working with consultants and designers to see your dream become a reality, build and execute that vision, and install the final product to your tastes and desires. We are an idea-to-install company and we take pride in offering our professional services every step of the way.

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