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The Versatility of a Plaque

At Behrends Foundry, we have manufactured countless plaques over the years. We have seen the humble plaque be used in innumerable creative ways and have always been impressed by the diversity of options and versatility that it provides. We started our business with plaques and know that there are many application it can be made to serve. The following list is just some of the ways that we have seen plaques used over the years – and believe us, it is not exhaustive!
Address Plaques: Custom address plaques are part of the finishing touches of one’s exterior home. Address plaques offer a timeless look with outstanding quality metals that withstand the most extreme of weather conditions. Whether you have built your dream home, have just purchased your forever home or are looking to upgrade the appearance of the home you have lived in for years, address plaques are a simple way to add stylish flair to your home’s exterior – flair that reflects your individual tastes and what kind of statement you want your home to make about you and your family.
Donor Recognition: Donor recognition walls are a growing trend for non-profit, non-governmental and governmental organizations alike. When funding or volunteer labour for a project comes from external donors, particularly in the launching of a project, it has become customary to designate prominent space in offices and facilities as a way to show gratitude. Plaques are wonderful, permanent and lasting way to commemorate those who contributed so much to your organization.
Historical Markers/Interpretive Panels: Panels are ideal for any type of interpretive exhibit where patrons will be in need of guidance as to the purpose of the exhibit or the history relevant to that space. Excellent quality ones tend to combine imaginative text, rich design and evocative imagery to make a place come alive to patrons who visit there. Rather than only containing information such as directions or instructions, interpretive panels create an individual’s sense of historical presence or contemporary legacy. Some of the most prominent panels are those which are plaques cast in bronze because this metal lends a strong presence to these pieces and can accumulate natural patinas with time, giving the viewer a sense of historicity and cultural longevity.
Tree Markers: Tree plaques are a great way commemorate any number of occasions that require a sense of permanence while also keeping a memory alive. Tree plaques are small markers placed next to tree is public parks and places in order to remind patrons of events that took place there, important individuals within the community, or for families to memorialize the life of a loved one who has since passed. Behrends Group was commissioned to create plaques for trees in the Athlete’s Village during the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. A plaque was made for each of the 41 trees along with a larger main plaque that identified the area and purpose of the project, which was translated into English, French, Spanish and Braille.
Bench Dedication: Spring and summer are the seasons of outdoor fun and whether we end up hitting the trails or soaking in the sun at a park, there will always be benches around for us to take a rest on and soak up the sun. Some people have memorialized loved ones through plaques on benches that are found on trails they used to enjoy walking on. Bench plaques are also a great way to commemorate important community individuals, organizations or historical events.
Grave Markers: Personalized memorial plaques from Behrends Group stand the test of time and all the elements. They deliver your loved ones’ message to future generations who will pay their respects and for others who want to learn something about those who came before us. The longevity of our medium (cast bronze) combined with the content you and your loved one desire will create a meaningful message for everyone involved.
Urn Gardens: Urn burial plots usually have space enough for two urns and a headstone, and can be arranged in a number of ways. Once the urns are buried, the plot may be marked with a commemorative plaque, headstone, sculpture or monument. These pieces are of incredible importance to loved ones revisiting the site, and should portray perfectly the legacy of the deceased. This may be in the form of a cherished quote, an embossed favourite photograph, or signature artistic designs – any trademark aspects of your loved one that will forever capture their spirit and remind visitors of the joy that they brought to the world.
Stable Signage: At Behrends Group, we love being trusted with honouring your special relationship with your horse and recommend bronze plaques produced in our foundry to enhance the prestige and honour of your stable’s appearance. We specialize in stable signage, including branding (if it is a business for you!) and nameplates for every horse under your care. In the sad event that a horse passes on, we are also honoured to take care of his or her memorial plaques to pay tribute to your companionship.
Other applications include place markers, trophies and awards, restaurant, hotel and other service-industry signage. Ultimately the possibilities with plaques are almost limitless. If you want durability, beauty and to create a sense of true legacy, we are happy to consult with you for your custom plaque needs.

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