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Trust Us with the Memory of Your Loved Ones: Memorial Signs

There have always been burial rituals associated with the transition from this life to the next. Burial markers or memorial signage have always been a major part of these rituals, helping to satisfy our grief and remember those who have left us. Human beings have built various structures for burial from mounds of earth or rock to honeycomb-shaped tombs carved into the sides of hills to demarcate our loved ones’ final resting places. Tombs have been devised from the exceedingly simple – just outside the family home- to the ornate and elaborate, such as those monuments erected for prominent historical figures like Napoleon I or Alexander the Great.

In an archaeological context, grave markers are some of the most prominent artifacts unearthed during digs and often take the form (in the pre-Antique period) of slabs of stones laid over a grave. In the 16th and 17thcenturies, in Europe, gravestones were simply marked with initials and the date of birth and/or death. These square slabs were made of either slate or sandstone. In the 19th century, public cemeteries rose in popularity and people started to place more importance on the process of memorialization in general. Gravestones became more ornate and included short inscriptions relating to those who had passed on. This was the rise of the epitaph or final statement of a person’s life on their memorial marker.

Today, memorial signage is one of the most important parts of the grieving process and is a method of remembrance that involves beautiful, customized signage to pay homage to the life of our loved ones who have passed on. Conscious or not, memorial signage is a crucial method of preserving social memory and passing on history to coming generations.

Additionally, there has been a rise in the practice of cremation in honouring the passing of a loved one. More times than not, family members choose to take the ashes of their loved one to a natural setting or meaningful place. The result can be a beautiful ritual associated with letting that loved one go; however, those who are left might feel the need to practice the ritual of memory by marking a special place for the memory of their loved one, even if they are not buried there. Memorial signage can offer such a place as well: places of quiet contemplation on the life of the one who passed, places of prayer, places of reflection.

Personalized memorial plaques from Behrends Group of Companies stand the test of time and all the elements. They deliver your loved ones’ message to future generations who will pay their respects and for others who want to learn something about those who came before us. The longevity of our medium (cast bronze) combined with the content you and your loved one desire will create a meaningful message for everyone involved. Don’t leave your memorial plaques to just anyone. Behrends Group has over 60 years of experience in immortalizing your loved ones. Trust us with their memory and invest in quality memorial signage with Behrends Group today – click here to see some examples.

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