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What are the right Materials to use for your business sign?

A well-designed lobby sign for your business can be the perfect way to make a great first impression on anyone visiting your premises. At Behrends Group we specialize in creating signs that perfectly reflect the aspects of your business that you want attention drawn to. Whether that means creating a crisp, larger metal sign, or a colourful acrylic sign that stands out, the choice is up to you. Before you make your decision, we have a few tips that may help you have an easier time when it comes to choosing your sign materials. Signs for businesses come in all different styles and sizes and are made using a number of different materials.


Acrylic Letters

If you have a business with a well established logo and recognizable branding, a sign featuring customized acrylic lettering can be the perfect choice. Since acrylic is so easy to cut with pinpoint precision, it is possible to create a wide variety of shaped lettering that reflects your business. In addition to the customized letters, acrylic is available in a huge selection of colours which can be enhanced using clear acrylic as a substrate that adds an attention grabbing layer to your sign.

PVC Letters

For both indoor and outdoor signs that are built to last long and stand up to the elements, PVC plastic lettering is a great option. Like acrylic, PVC is easy to cut and customize for any size and shape you require. It is also a very easy material to paint, meaning there are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to colouring the sign to make it stand out.

Foam Letters

For eye-popping signage that literally stands out, foam letters are a great choice. One way to draw attention to your business sign is by making it three dimensional. Foam letters can add a lot of pop to your sign, and they can be easily coloured and shaped to match your branding, logo, or your preference. The foam can also be used as a substrate featuring acrylic laminates that further enhances the appearance of your sign.

Metal Laminate Letters

A metal laminate letter is similar to a foam letter with acrylic laminate. This type of lettering works well inside and outdoors, and it is one of the most permanent sign options we have to offer. These letters feature a 3D design and a metallic finish, but they are lighter and far less expensive than solid metal lettering. Available in a wide variety of finishes such as brushed or polished metal, there is a metal laminate letter for virtually any business sign.

Metal Letters

A premiere option that will be built to last a lifetime, solid metal letters add a level of distinction and prestige to any business’ brand and image. We feature a great selection of different metal colours such as copper, gold, silver, and steel available in brushed or polished finishes. While this option is the heaviest and by far the most expensive, it will be the last sign your business ever needs thanks to its superior quality, craftsmanship and durability.

For more helpful tips and information about the quality signs, plaques, memorials and more that we have to offer at Behrends Group, be sure to contact us or visit our product selection page on our website today.

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