Bronze Grave Markers: We Customize!

Behrends Group specializes in creating elegant and tasteful bronze grave markers for a number of different grave sites. From bronze veteran grave markers to flat bronze grave markers and headstones, we can cater to any and all tastes and design preferences. We make sure that each piece we make tastefully and respectfully pays homage to the life of your loved ones. It is important that our clients feel their loved ones are accurately represented and respected by the memorial we create. No matter what, you can rely on the professionals at Behrends Group to provide you with a bronze grave marker that stands up to the elements, while honourably remembering those who have passed on.

All of our bronze grave markers are fully customizable, so you can be sure that the memories you cherish are tastefully memorialized. We offer a number of designs and features for each bronze grave marker that will help you create a personalized memorial stone that is truly representative of the life and memory of your lost loved one. Combine your bronze marker with any number of quality flat stones or headstones that are expertly cut and polished to your exact specifications. Our memorial stones and bronze grave markers are designed to last forever, so you can rest assured that your loved one’s gravesite will be remembered and respected for years to come.

Benefits of Bronze Grave Markers


As a material, bronze is one of the most resilient and durable metals available for use as a grave marker. Bronze is an alloy which consists of copper and tin, with some trace amounts of zinc and lead. This combination creates a solid, long-lasting marker that is extremely easy to clean and maintain over the years. There are many examples of bronze grave markers that have lasted for decades, which is why their popularity continues to grow among a number of different people. Combined with a granite or concrete stone, bronze grave markers are the ideal way to memorialize an individual in an elegant and time-honoured manner.

At Behrends Group, we have numerous customization options for our bronze grave markers that can cater to the requirements of virtually any grave site. We offer a range of sizes and styles for our bronze grave markers, and we are familiar with the traditional standards for veteran’s grave sites. Our bronze grave markers can be enhanced with raised designs and each plaque is hand finished and given a protective coating to ensure its continued durability in the face of all the outdoor elements Canada has to offer.

Types of Bronze Grave Markers


As mentioned above, we are familiar with the many standards of grave designs for numerous individuals. We are ready to offer any number of design options that are specific to the following types of bronze grave markers:

  • Metal Cross Grave Markers
  • Infant Bronze Grave Markers
  • Veteran Bronze Grave Markers
  • Bench Grave Markers
  • Pet Grave Markers
  • Memorial Grave Markers
  • Individual Bronze Grave Markers
  • Companion Bronze Grave Markers
  • Custom Grave Markers

The grieving process is often difficult for people, which is why we make sure to provide design options that make it easy to create a grave marker that accurately honours the achievements and positive memories from a person’s life. With the knowledge that your loved one will be honoured and memorialized with a bronze grave marker that receives our staff’s full attention and care, we hope that our clients can feel confident that their loved one’s memory is in good hands.

Creating Bronze Grave Markers

bronze plaque

The creation process of each bronze grave marker represents our staff’s dedication and strong attention to detail. Each marker is created using bronze alloy which is melted at heats of over 2000 degrees, and poured into a sand mold. Once the alloy has cooled, we begin the process known as chasing. This consists of removing any imperfections, no matter how minor, by grinding the surface until the desired texture and definition has been achieved. We then move to the finishing process where several coats of oxidized paint is applied that helps reveal the beautiful natural bronze colouring of the grave marker. This process gives the marker a notable contrast between the raised letters and the darker metal background of the marker.

We then apply a lacquer coating to seal the metal. Once this is complete, we verify that all of the specifications and unique features of the grave marker are accurately represented before we attach the metal to the desired stone base. The end result is a quality grave marker that is built to stand up to the test of time. We ensure that each grave marker that we create meets or exceeds the highest industry standards, so customers can rest assured that they are getting only the very best that we have to offer at Behrends Group.

For more information about our bronze grave markers, or any other memorial plaques, signs and metal casting options, be sure to contact the friendly staff at Behrends today. We will make sure to take all of your specific requirements and desires into account, so you receive the exact item you envision. We look forward to making your vision a reality that is made to last a lifetime. Contact Behrends Group today to get started.

Today, grave markers are one of the most important parts of the grieving process and is a method of remembrance that involves beautiful, customized signage to pay homage to the life of our loved ones who have passed on. Conscious or not, memorial signage is a crucial method of preserving social memory and passing on history to coming generations. Personalized grave markers from Behrends Group stand the test of time and all the elements. We do:

  • bench grave markers
  • metal cross grave markers
  • pet grave markers
  • bronze grave markers
  • infant bronze grave markers
  • memorial grave markers
  • custom grave markers

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Interior Directional Signage for Finding the Way

Interior directional signage, sometimes called modular signage, is critical for helping patrons and clients who enter your business or organizational spaces find their way. In fact, directional signage is the most common type of sign in the industry which tells you a lot about how necessary these signs are for facility navigation. When individuals enter your built spaces, they need guidance that is clear and communicates not only where they need to go in intuitive ways, but also which tell them something about the branded environment which they are entering.

Interior directional signage should fill their expectations by appearing in places that people have come to look for guidance – eye level, turning corners, hanging from the ceiling, at consistent points along the path to reaffirm the direction they are going and so forth. These signs should also communicate in ways that individuals have come to expect when entering certain types of spaces, including using particular fonts, the size of the writing, and the content of what is communicated.

What can be communicated via interior directional signage? Since this is the most common type of signage, one can imagine that the communication possibilities are numerous and include office, prohibition, communication area, washroom, emergency and many other types of infrastructural signs which guide people to specific places.

What we communicate is just as important as how it is communicated. Interior directional signage is one way in which you can consistently reaffirm messages about your brand as well. Modular signs can include logos, colour scheme, typefaces and other visual cues that help develop a cohesive environment. This kind of cohesion is comforting to the people that patron your facilities and can also be used to show a high level of professionalism, a sense of legacy and other values held by your business or organization.

The other important point to consider when it comes to interior directional signage is its adaptability to the changing needs of your space. Your signage should allow for future growth without breaking the bank every time you need something changed. Modular signage in particular comes with its own set of flexible possibilities to ensure that you have the tools you need, with the design quality you require, to upgrade as needed.

When it comes to interior directional signage, Behrends Group has a host of in-house design experts who want to work with you to bring your vision to life. Our foundry and architectural signage strategy teams have a diverse array of materials available to complete your cohesive wayfinding system, minimizing business disruption so you can do what you do best and leave the rest to us.


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Metal Signage Materials

Metals have been essential to human technology and art for millennia. In sign building and design they are an automatic choice of material for anyone who wants a sign that communicates permanence, individuality, and style. With their diverse characteristics, there is a metal to suite any style and signage solution. Some of the metals our foundry works with include:


Bronze has been in use since the fourth millennium BCE – also known as the beginning of the Bronze Age. It is an alloy mainly of copper, with tin and sometimes other metals and metalloids. As an alloy, bronze is stronger than copper alone, and the ability to add a variety of alloy substances means that bronzes can have various properties such as a range of ductility (ability to stretch, for example, into a wire) and stiffness. Cast bronze is one of our most popular choices for signage; particularly for heritage signs and other projects with a traditional or timeless appearance. Bronze is durable and ages attractively. If the copper in the alloy is allowed to oxidize, bronze will take on a green patina which has instant connotations of age, tradition, and permanence. Even without this distinctive patina, bronze has a deep, brilliant tone that evokes timeless tradition.


Aluminum is one of the most abundant metal elements on earth, but it is rarely found naturally in its metallic form, instead appearing in combination with many minerals. Aluminum metal was first produced, in an impure form, in 1825. Until the 1890s, when the current process for producing metallic aluminum was developed, aluminum was so hard to produce that pure aluminum was more valuable than gold! Aluminum now offers an economic, yet stylish and versatile, alternative to metals such as stainless steel. It is light weight, soft, and resists corrosion, and varies in colour from silver to grey. It can be given a variety of finished looks including mirror polish, textured, and brushed, making it an excellent choice for projects with a sleek and modern look or fresh, contemporary style.



Like bronze, brass is a copper alloy, but with zinc rather than tin. Forms of brass have existed alongside bronze since prehistory, but it was not until the early modern period that it was understood as a copper-zinc alloy. In the sixteenth century metallic zinc replaced zinc vapour in the production of brass alloys. Like bronze, varieties of brass can be made more or less hard and soft depending on the proportions of zinc and copper. Aluminum can also be added to the alloy to make it stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Brass’ low melting point makes it good for casting, and its softness and workability make it ideal for applications such as brass instruments. Its golden colour makes it highly decorative. It can have a highly polished appearance or an antique aged finish, both of which communicate prestige and a classic look.


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Address Numbers

Having a dull, worn out address on your home is like wearing old sneakers with a clean suit; it just doesn’t leave a good first impression. Add a little curb appeal to your home with a custom Address Plaque or Address Numbers.  We add elegance, personality and a sense of performance to your home. It’s those little touches that can make a big difference. There are many options to consider when designing an address for your home; for instance installation, whether its mounted to siding, stucco, concrete, brick, a rock or a lamp post. Or maybe its making sure you get the right finish to compliment the hardware or the color of your home. We consider all aspects when it comes to your sign including visibility not only for your guests but for emergency vehicles as well.

Take a look through our galley for ideas and contact us today to discuss your project.

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Adding to the Experience of Remembering

Dedication signage is a growing area of the signage industry as more and more organizations place importance on the experience of remembering our shared past. Dedication signage can be oriented around the significance of a specific site, the history of a community, the contributions of an individual to society or can take on the appearance of an outdoor, interpretive museum. Whatever the purpose, dedication signage is all about reconstructing the past and making it present and alive to people now.

Dedication plaques and signage which commemorate the significance of a specific site or honor a person who contributed to a certain community provide a permanent and lasting way to mark these important historical points of memory. These can be as simple as plaques on park benches or in front of a memorial tree which was planted to mark the occasion of commemoration. Or these sites can be more elaborate structures which memorialize multiple characters or widely-significant historical events.

The history of a community can also appear in dedication signage with a particular community group or institution being honoured for its impact on the lasting culture of that area. Groups such as community leagues, post-secondary institutions or other agencies may have been instrumental in developing a neighbourhood’s identity and that should not go unnoticed. Founding members or boards might be named in public spaces constructed for this explicit purpose, or plaques which offer identifying information about place significance to these groups might govern one’s navigation through an area.

Outdoor interpretive museums which are dedicated by municipal or even provincial authorities are another use for dedication signage. Places that are not readily obvious as being important for the community to remember can honour significant people, dedicate buildings or parks, and can create a lasting tribute through the creation of a multiple-plaque narrative that instructs visitors about these places and how to move through them. This shaping of the environment to be socially significant directly affects how people will use a space and the respect imparted to it. Reflection is often encouraged in these places and, as such, the act of remembering creates its own memories in turn. Invoking emotion or nostalgia are very real outcomes of well-designed dedication signs and areas.

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used to fill the purposes of dedication signage. Most often, bronze plaques seem to be the main choice for patrons because of their durability and the tone of legacy that this medium seems to impart. Modern dedication signage, particularly larger memorials, tend to combine a number of material elements and can also include imagery such as etchings, relief portraits and more.

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Custom Metal Letters for Address Signs

Our homes are the centerpieces of our lives and we spend a lot of time, energy and money making sure that we invest quality materials in them so they last as long as possible while remaining stylish and expressive of who we are. As homeowners, we want to ensure that our dollar goes as far as possible but one point that we may overlook is the quality of our metal address signs. We might make sure we get high quality siding or brick work for our homes, but then only invest in cookie cutter letters to display our home numbers. More often than not, these generic numbers are only masquerading as solid metal and are more likely to peel after a single wet weather season.

Solid metal address letters or numbers withstand the test of time and all variants of extreme weather. They are made for wear and tear, exhibiting a durability that impostors simply cannot mimic. Rather than replace cheaper versions year after year and let their poor quality take down the visual appeal of your home, why not invest in quality custom metal address letters only once?

Even if you’ve owned your own home for a while, custom house numbers can be a quick and efficient way to add a little flair to the appearance of your home without the high cost of outdoor renovations or touch-ups. It’s amazing how quickly the curb appeal of a home increases with the simple addition of unique address plates or number design.

The beauty of making this investment with Behrends Group is that you benefit from individual consultation with our design team to take your vision to the next level – your address letters will not simply display your house number but will be an integral part of its overall look and can set an example for the culture of your neighbourhood and community. Different typographies, materials, finishes, sizes and methods of installation ensure that your final product will be uniquely yours: elegant and fresh, graceful and lasting.

Since your actual address is unlikely to change anytime soon, why should your address letters change year after year? Pick something permanent and lasting, and with custom metal letters, let our team put the finishing touches on your house that will make it feel like you are coming home every time you see them.

cast-aluminum-house-address Custom Address Custom-aluminum-house-address Different_custom_address