The Diverse Client Base of Behrends Group

A lot of people think that a foundry and signage consultancy which has the prestige and experience of Behrends Group would likely only work with larger businesses or corporations but that is simply not true! A large volume of clients serviced have typically been individuals seeking out address signs or smaller projects that we have built our business on. We love working with homeowners, small businesses, large organizations and corporations alike – and we definitely have something for everyone.

The diversity of our clients is matched only by the diversity of products we can offer them – something that being a custom signage business offers us! Because we aren’t using factory formed letters or plaques, we get to customize our offerings to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

Here are some of the ways that a diverse group of people can benefit from what we have to offer:

Consultation:  At Behrends, the first step in any project is learning what our client needs and wants. Exceeding your expectations is where we excel and a large part of this is determining what those expectations are. When initiating a project with Behrends, you are assigned a member of our talented team of consultants depending on your particular needs. These are skilled individuals who are happy to meet with you to learn about your vision, offer insights, and develop a plan for bringing your ideas to fruition.

Design: With full-time designers, you are in capable hands to move from consultation to designing your vision.  Our designers are creative, proficient and adept with the best design technology to give you the latest in signage possibilities. Our team is experienced in executing the highest possible standards for design, developing 3D renderings so you can determine how the signage will fit into your space, and, ultimately, making beautiful, innovative two-dimensional designs into your three-dimensional reality.

Fabrication: Manufacturing is where Behrends Group has built a real legacy. Our production techniques are unparalleled in the industry and with the use of exceptional materials and hands-on artisanal style labour, we have truly set ourselves apart. Every project has the best of technology behind it, as well as the human touch and eye for perfection.  Our fabrication staff has a combined experience of at least 205 years – something that can only happen when you have long-standing employees that work hard to make incredible designs into signage that exceeds expectations every time.

At Behrends Group, we don’t just get you a sign and expect you to have the time or patience to deal with it! Our approach is to offer assistance working with consultants and designers to see your dream become a reality, build and execute that vision, and install the final product to your tastes and desires. We are an idea-to-install company and we take pride in offering our professional services every step of the way.

WO 160434 Panin's Italian Cucina - Exterior Sign (1)


WO 161474 Raj Dhillon - 3203 Cameron Heights Way Address  (2)

WO 160405 Canada Lands  Company Care of IBI - Griesbach Central Park - Pedestal Stands (3)WO 161493 Time Escape - Reception Lit Sign (1)

Behrends and the Arts Community

Behrends Group has had a long-standing connection to local art communities and as time goes on, this connection only grows stronger. Artisans in our right, we are proud to uplift and commemorate the work of other arts organizations and groups in our municipality. Using our talents in design and craftsmanship make this process all the more rewarding. Our artisan work contributes to the overall arts culture of our community and is the perfect combination of creative spirit and cooperative efforts.

Behrends has been able to craft achievement walls which commemorate the valuable contributions of artists in our community, as well as donor walls which strive to recognize the important role that patrons play in supporting the arts as well. These commemorative designs are beautifully crafted and serve as their own installations, reflecting the beauty of the work that the artist-patron relationship brings into the world.

At Behrends Group, we not only have our own team of highly talented designers and craftspeople who bring artistic visions to life. We also work directly with artists in the community and make their sculptures and installation pieces through lasting custom metals. Examples such as the McMaster memorial sculpture or the birds which adorn the Fallen Soldiers memorial showcase how we collaborate with high-profile members of the arts community to bring their work to life. Our lasting metals and exceptional experience with foundry techniques mean that their painstaking work is preserved perfectly the first time, every time.

We also support the arts in more subtle ways, including designing and fabricating the signage which adorns buildings that house important arts venues for music and theatre. An exquisite example of this is the new Citadel Theatre Marquee sign which operates as a visual point of reference in the Edmonton downtown arts core. Passersby are drawn in by the custom design work and recognize the high-quality of theatre production that exists inside the building, simply based on the presence and prestige afforded by their signage.

There are many ways that Behrends Group is connected to the arts community as such: not only are we artisans and designers with decades of experience shared between our entire team, we also bring the visions of other artists to life, recognize their patrons and adorn arts houses to engage their audiences as well. At Behrends Group, we are all about the arts and you should be too!

Citadel Theatre Marquee

img193 (2)


img175 (2)

Fallen Officer (2)





Emotionally Intelligent Signage: How it works and why you should use it


no smoking sign

Every day we encounter signs telling us what to do in public spaces. How to act, how to use the space, and above all, what not to do. No smoking, pick up after your dog, line up here. Signs like these are so ubiquitous that we often don’t even notice them. Sometimes, however, we encounter a variation on a typical rules and regulations sign that stands out and maybe even makes us smile. “If we see you smoking, we will assume you are on fire and react accordingly.” “Children play here, please pick up after your dog.” “Don’t worry – This line moves really quickly.”
Author Daniel H. Pink calls signs like these “emotionally intelligent signage”, and says that signs that consider and use readers’ emotional reactions are more likely to inspire compliance than their more blunt (or bland) and authoritarian counterparts. Emotionally intelligent signage acts in two main ways: by demonstrating empathy, and by encouraging empathy. Both approaches consider the viewer’s position and circumstance. “Don’t worry – This line moves really quickly”, for example, acknowledges and allays a viewer’s potential stress and frustration at the sight of a long line up, while at the same time asking them to stand in line in the appropriate place for service. “Children play here, please pick up after your dog”, on the other hand, plays on the viewer’s empathy. Both kinds of signs give the viewer context for the rule and an emotional reason to comply. Humour is another tool used by emotionally intelligent signage. “If we see you smoking, we will assume you are on fire and react accordingly” communicates the message that this is a no smoking area in a memorable way, without nagging.
Emotionally intelligent signage may take some extra words and more creativity than “No smoking”, but it has the added benefit of contributing to a positive environment that fosters positive emotions. Emotionally intelligent signage shows respect for the viewer by empathizing with their circumstances and needs. Milwaukee’s international airport has placed a sign over the benches after the security line identifying it as the “Recombobulation Area”, a humorous and empathetic acknowledgement of the “discombobulating” reality of airport security. Emotionally intelligent signage also shows respect for the viewer by providing reason and context for the rules it is asking the viewer to follow, and it fosters respect and positive interactions among the users of a space by encouraging empathy and reminding viewers that certain rules are in place for the mutual benefit of the users. “Drive like your kids live here” promotes empathy for the parents and children who want to live and play safely in a neighbourhood, and reminds the driver of their responsibility to drive safely. Use of emotional signage in public spaces stimulates individuals’ natural empathy and mindfulness of others, while raising rates of compliance and reducing the stress and frustration of being told what to do. Emotionally intelligent signage is more effective signage, and it may be good for society too.

Behrends and Marvel X-Men: The Plaque that Graced the Silver Screen

X-Men Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

If you are a fan of the X-Men franchise of comic books and films, you know that with the release of X-Men:The Apocalypse and Deadpool this year, as well as two more films planned for release in 2017, the interest and love of the series is only increasing. What you might not know is that Behrends Group contributed to the making of the first film back in 2000 by creating the plaque that adorned the wall of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

According to the films, the Xavier School was founded by Professor Charles Xavier for the purposes of training young mutants to control their powers as well as normalizing their presence in the human world. The main spirit behind the school was the safeguarding of innocent mutants from human oppression and to create an atmosphere conducive to peaceful coexistence.

The plaque was commissioned by Springwood Productions – the organization responsible for the making of the film. Two prototypical plaques were created with different finishes as the production company was unsure of which one would end up as the final prop for the film. Any quick search will yield images of the plaque chosen to appear in the film, and while many companies have claimed that they can make similar replicas of it, only Behrends produced the original.

In fact, Behrends still owns the original polymer used to create the plaque mould and the original drawings used when creating the design. The plaque has become an icon of the X-Men franchise, particularly as it helped start off the series and receives a prominent space in the first film. Anyone familiar with the quality and style of traditional bronze plaques from Behrends Group recognizes the work and craftsmanship of our foundry immediately. Behrends Group is proud to have played a small part in this cinematic legacy.

Xavier's School for gifted youngsters

Freestanding Pylons and Pedestals in Custom Architectural Signage

Architectural signage is integral to the functioning of public and commercial spaces. Effective signage and signage systems make space knowable, whether by identifying a location or providing wayfinding information for users. The appearance and design of architectural signage also affects the overall appearance and atmosphere of a space, and thus the image of the business or organization located in the space. Pylon signs and pedestal signs are both varieties of architectural signage, and they demonstrate the diverse nature and purposes of architectural signage.

Pylon and pedestal signs are both freestanding structures, but that is where their similarities end. Pylon signs are notable for their height. They are often seen at shopping centers, industrial complexes, and business parks. They are fabricated from materials such as aluminum or steel and comprise of one or more stacked signs, often illuminated and elevated on a pole. Often located along stretches of highway, pylon signs are designed to be eye catching and easily seen from a distance. They identify their location for visitors, and act as advertisement to draw passersby. As a business park or shopping complex, a pylon sign with space for tenants’ own signs is a valuable amenity that can attract new tenants.

Custom Pedestal Sign  IMG_4914 - Copy

Pylon signage may initially bring to mind highway motels and fast food restaurants, but their design and applications are diverse. A pylon sign does not have to be as tall as a highway sign, or even necessarily illuminated. A pylon sign uses elevation to stand out, and what image it projects through its design and appearance will be determined by your business’ desired image. If you are seeking to raise the profile of your business, both literally and figuratively, then a pylon sign may be right for you.

Pedestal signs, on the other hand, are lower profile and are largely used for wayfinding and information purposes. Pedestals signs are mounted on a pole and a pedestal base at a height that facilitates reading ease. While pylon signs identify a location and attract users to it, pedestal signs often facilitate the use of a space once inside it. They usually contain wayfinding information, maps, and other more detailed information. They can also be portable, making them useful for indicating line ups and use in locations such as lobbies. Making sure guests and clients can find your business and its space is important, but ensuring a positive experience while they are there is even more important. Internal signage, such as wayfinding and information signage systems, contributes to this by making your space user-friendly. Like exterior signs, interior signage contributes to the image of your organization, and pedestal signs are just one of many design options. Spruce Grove Entrance Sign

Enhancing Brand and Image With Custom Signage For Hotels and Condominiums

For a hotel or condominium, features such as exterior entrance signs and lobby signage can be among the most important for creating a first impression and establishing the atmosphere and culture that guests and residents will experience. Signage affects the design and appearance of a space as much as décor and the design of the building itself, and thus it contributes to the image and brand of the establishment that operates in the building. Behrends custom metal signage enhances brand and image because its quality, attention to detail, and design are individually tailored to be true to your brand.

Aluminum lit letters    Custom Aluminum residential building letters

The variety of quality techniques and materials offered by Behrends means that we can create custom signage that will stand out of the crowd, projecting exactly what you envision for your hotel or condominium into reality. Hand-cast bronze plaque signage evokes a tradition and establishment, especially when combined with an antique finish. A mirror polish finish or aluminum modernizes a cast sign, while retaining the level of quality associated with a hand-crafted product. Digitally cut letters and logos offer endless design options in terms of font and style. Illuminated push -lettering, which involves a cut out logo or lettering mounted on a stainless steel or aluminum substrate, offers a sleek option that will be eye-catching day and night. Push through lettering can be enhanced with coloured acrylic lettering and logos.

Gates on Twelfth

First-impression features such as exterior signage and lobby or front desk signage put a face on your establishment, immediately connecting guests and residents to your brand and creating a sense of the hotel or condominium’s culture and image. A feature such as an elegant staff recognition wall can be an excellent way for a hotel to create a connection between guests, staff, and the hotel’s hospitable culture. By ensuring that these features are unique, true to your brand, and of top quality, your signage will work to enhance your image, creating a positive experience for guests and residents. Behrends offers a range of techniques and materials to create the right custom metal signage for your hotel or condominium.

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