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Business Signs

At Behrends, we understand the importance of a first impression. Custom business signs at the entrance of a subdivision, office building, golf course, hotel or business park not only welcome clients and patrons, they also convey professionalism, longevity and a commitment to quality. We believe in these values, and incorporate them into the practice of our craft; you can see this in every project we take on. Contact one of our representatives for more information.

Architectural Signs

Since 1952, Behrends has offered a diverse selection of architectural signs for clients from every industry and background. Architectural signs are physical objects (often cast or cut metal letters or logos) that let people know where they can find you; a major component is often exterior storefront signage. As part of a wayfinding system, the most effective architectural signs not only direct your guests into your space, but also play a major role in defining your brand’s identity.

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Business Park Entrance Signs

Welcome guests and tenants with striking, memorable business park entrance signage. Then, carry your theme throughout the property by incorporating distinctive elements of your design on directories, business address plaques and other common identifiers. We’ll help develop and manage design standards to ensure consistency between pieces for years to come. Whether you choose computer-cut metal letters, a hand-finished cast plaque, or a more customized solution, we’ll work with you to create the perfect look and feel for all of your business signage needs.

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Condominium Signage

As cities start to build "up," and family sizes decrease, condominiums are becoming more popular in terms of living spaces. Whatever the home, proper signage makes our living spaces functional, stylish and beautiful. Condominuims are modern complexes that require ease of navigation and outstanding decorative work to make them stand out from the rest. Our exterior architectural pieces set your condo apart and make owners and visitors feel at home.

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Entrance Signs

Make a statement and set a tone with unique entrance signage customized to your business or facility. Our team of designers and artisan craftspeople will help you convey your brand identity through impressive, memorable entrance signage. Have an idea of what you’re looking for? At Behrends, our Design + Build team can work closely with you, collaborating to create something that’s a perfect match for your needs.

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Golf Course Signs

The elegance and longevity of cast metal makes bronze, brass or aluminum ideal mediums for golf course signage. Whether your course is better suited to an enduring antique finish or the modern look of mirror polished brass, our designers will ensure your signage reflects the image of your club. Through stock markers, signs, and plaques, or entirely custom designs, we’ll create a look that can be carried consistently throughout the course, reinforcing your brand. Golfers won’t just be talking about their round, but the impressive style of your entire establishment.

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Hotel Signage

Looking for professional hotel signage that is a true reflection of your establishment, from the first impression to the moment your guests leave? Starting with a dynamic hotel welcome sign and impressive front desk and lobby signage, through to comprehensive wayfinding systems, at Behrends we’ll focus on quality, always staying true to your brand. The care and attention we give to prominent outdoor signage is also applied to every piece of signage throughout the interior, including bathrooms, fire and safety signs, and regulations for pool, spa and fitness areas, as well as ballroom and meeting room designations.

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Metal Welcome Signs

Welcome signs offer a door into your district, a first impression of the area. We’ll help express your city, town, or municipality’s brand in the best light to visitors and citizens alike. Considerations like mounting your metal welcome signs on rock features, decorative posts or suspended on an archway above a main road will create bold, long lasting impressions, turning your welcome sign into a memorable part of your local history for many generations to come. Welcome signs we do:

  • metal welcome signs for homes
  • welcome to the farm metal signs
  • outdoor metal welcome signs
  • black metal welcome sign
  • vertical metal welcome sign
And more.

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Reception Signs

Reception signs welcome people into your workplace; well-chosen reception signage is key for setting a tone and expressing the best qualities of your brand from the first glance onwards. We’ll help you create an elegant and refined piece of signage that makes a serious statement. Decades of experience have taught us the importance of subtlety and designing for longevity, and our Design + Build team will take your project from initial idea to the best solution for your brand, location, and budget.

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