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Business Park Entrance Signs

Welcome guests and tenants with striking, memorable business park entrance signage. Then, carry your theme throughout the property by incorporating distinctive elements of your design on directories, business address plaques and other common identifiers. We’ll help develop and manage design standards to ensure consistency between pieces for years to come. Whether you choose computer-cut metal letters, a hand-finished cast plaque, or a more customized solution, we’ll work with you to create the perfect look and feel for all of your business signage needs.

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Unique Design Options For Plaques and Awards

When it comes to creating the right commemorative piece for your special occasion, there is no shortage of unique and attractive design options that will suit your personal tastes and the spirit in which the award is presented. Our staff is eager to work with you to ensure your custom plaque design is turned into a reality. You can provide us with any and all design characteristics you have in mind, along with details about the subject or award recipient, and we will do the rest. You can also browse the wide range of design options and templates available at Behrends to find the perfect award plaque. We can easily incorporate custom text, photos, logos and much more into the design of your plaque, so you end up with a truly unique piece that is ideal for the occasion. No matter what unique plaque design options you require, we will make sure you end up with the result you are looking for.

Dedication to Detail

Custom award plaques have been used to mark a number of milestones and achievements throughout history in a wide range of settings. Corporate award plaques are ideal for displaying an individual or group’s achievements and dedication in an instantly recognizable manner. Organizations of all kinds use large plaques to fill entire walls to commemorate charitable donors and other noteworthy individuals. Sports teams and athletic organizations use many unique award plaques to celebrate the achievements of championship teams and outstanding individuals every year. With so many award plaques on display in so many places, some may begin to wonder what makes these awards so special. At Behrends Group, we believe the award plaque should reflect the level of achievement through the highly detailed workmanship of the finished product. Each award is unique and special to those who give and receive it, which is why we strive to create award plaques that reflect this tone to everyone who sees it.

All of the plaques & awards we create to commemorate everything from personal achievements to dedications and gratitude are made with the high level of detail that Behrends is known for. Our plaques are used in a number of different areas including public monuments, private properties, community centres and more, but each one is designed and manufactured with the same dedication to detail in mind. That dedication is part of what makes Berhends known as an industry leading plaque awards company.

Importance of Lasting Recognition

An award plaque goes a lot further than honouring those to whom it is presented. In many cases, including a physical token of appreciation brings a higher level of distinction and prestige to any award. By including a unique award plaque, people can more easily connect to the spirit in which an award is presented. Plaques marking historical events and dedications work in a similar way, helping people and communities remember the achievements of noteworthy groups and individuals by marking significant landmarks or sites, and detailing the stories behind the events or achievements. With help from the plaque and award design experts at Behrends, you can obtain the kind of profound recognition that is meant to last and encourage others.

There are few better ways to commemorate and mark special achievements and occasions than with custom award plaques from Behrends. No matter what unique features you want to include in your commemorative piece, we can accomodate. Everything from award plaques with photos, unique logos and designs, and solid, durable bronze cast construction is available when you choose to work with Behrends on your next custom award plaques. We offer top quality service, workmanship, and rapid turnaround on all of our orders, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your ideas with us today. For more information, or to view our quality past projects, feel free to continue to explore our website, or contact us directly with any questions you may have about your custom award plaques.