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Graves & Memorials

At Behrends, we understand the importance of keeping a special memory alive – we’ve been helping honour and pay respects to lost family members for over half a century. Our experienced staff are committed to helping you create the perfect lasting tribute, whether it’s through one of our standard, classic pieces, or something more personalized. Combining the age-old tradition of metalworking with contemporary processes and techniques, we have over 60 years of experience designing grave markers and memorial pieces. Contact one of our Memorial representatives today.

Grave Markers

Today, memorial signage is one of the most important parts of the grieving process and is a method of remembrance that involves beautiful, customized signage to pay homage to the life of our loved ones who have passed on. Conscious or not, memorial signage is a crucial method of preserving social memory and passing on history to coming generations. Personalized memorial plaques from Behrends Group stand the test of time and all the elements. .

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Personal memorial plaques are a unique way to commemorate family or community members that have meant a lot to you or your family. Such plaques can also be made to honour our pets or other animals that have held important positions in our lives. Whether on a small park bench in your garden, or in front of a specially planted tree, these markers preserve important figures and keep their memory alive in the places we still live.

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War Memorial

Veterans are an incredible group of people, willing to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of our world and they deserve lasting memorials to pay homage to the work that went into preserving their principles of peace and freedom. At Behrends Group, we have been honoured with the task of memorializing the work of our veterans in various displays across the country.

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