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Custom Metalwork and Environmental Design Combine with Legacy of Craftsmanship to make your Porjects Come to Life

When you choose Behrends Group, you get all the benefits of a well-established industry leader and the perfectionism of our cohesive team: quality, innovation, creativity and functionality.

For over 60 years, Behrends Bronze foundry has led the industry in creating lasting works for its clients. Behrends Architectural provides complete architectural signage services for interior and exterior signage. From signage consultation to brand strategy, we design and consult on thoughtful, user-centric solutions that help navigate, inform, communicate, and create new ways to visually engage with the world around us.


Whatever your project or business, Behrends Group has the experience and technology to craft your solution. From custom signs and wayfinding installations, to monuments and plaques, we will cast, forge, print, and combine signage technologies to make it perfect for your application.

When you need a custom sign, trust Behrends Group to deliver.


Professionalism, longevity and exceptional quality make up the heart of our talents.

We design and build many different types of signs to suit your home, business and more, including (but not limited to): business signs, grave and memorials, house signs, metal casting, plaques, recognitions and awards, and custom pieces as well. With Behrends, you also have access to wayfinding strategists, sign planners and experiential graphic designers who embrace a multi-disciplinary approach to develop precise communication strategies.

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