Custom Business Signs

Custom Business Signs

Your business is your livelihood and a great first impression is critical to build customer trust. Investing in signage will not only welcome your clients but also convey professionalism and longevity for your business. When you partner with Behrends Group, our mission is to provide you with business signage that impresses clients and customers. With a combined 68 years of craftsmanship behind our work, Behrends Group custom business signs are the kind of signs you bring to your new building when your business outgrows its old space.


Behrends Group signs are the signs you will take with you when your business moves.


Metal business signs by Behrends Group are the ideal way to promote your business or showcase any key areas. Your metal signage is an investment in your brand – leave a lasting impression with steel, iron, or cast bronze & aluminum. Choose from a wide variety of applications, but don’t feel limited. Your vision is our mission, and Behrends Group will deliver  stunning custom metal signage for your business. Metal is timeless and with our business signs, you are sure to not only welcome patrons, but also convey a strong sense of professionalism and commitment.

business name signs

Business Names

carrington group of companies reception sign

Reception Signs

atco metal free standing sign

Free Standing Signs

Other Metal Business Sign Projects Include: Welcome Signs, Channel Letters (Illuminated & Non-Illuminated), Cast Washroom Signs, Hotel Signage, Wayfinding & More

Golf Course Signs Example

The elegance and longevity of cast metal makes bronze, brass or aluminum ideal mediums for golf course signs. Whether your course is better suited to an enduring antique finish or the modern look of mirror polished brass, our designers will ensure your custom golf course signs reflects the image of your club.

Through stock markers, signs, and plaques, or entirely custom designs, we’ll create a look that can be carried consistently throughout the golf course, reinforcing your brand. Golfers won’t just be talking about their round, but the impressive style of your entire establishment.

Metal Cast Sign Examples

Over time, the signage industry, like many other manufacturing businesses, has become so mechanized and stream-lined that sometimes the human touch is lost in your signage. Cookie cutter signs are a dime-a-dozen and they often reflect the low quality level of craftsmanship and materials that are available on the market today. Partnering with companies like Behrends that emphasize custom professional craftsmanship and materials means that these qualities will be transferred to your products and, by extension, your brand. Ultimately, the appearance of your signage outside and inside your business walls, leaves a lasting impression on your clients and partners in a way that virtually no other marketing component can.

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Digital Business Signs

Are you a visual or creative oriented business? Or perhaps you have lots of information to convey and you want the best signage solution? Our custom digital business signs are limited only by your imagination. We utilize high quality components and combine it with our legacy of traditional signage materials to provide your business with digital signs that turn heads. We work with you from design to installation, ensuring your custom digital signage meets all your business’ needs.

LED Billboards

Digital Messaging Displays

Touchscreen Kiosks

Other Digital Business Sign Projects Include: LED Banners, Video Messaging Centres, Interactive Video Displays, and More

Digital Sign Example

The highest honour the Province of Alberta can bestow on a citizen is the Alberta Order of Excellence. Members of the Alberta Order of Excellence come from a plethora of backgrounds; the careers of those awarded range from medicine, science, engineering, law, and business to politics, education, agriculture and the arts. All members share the fact that they’ve made an exceptional impact at the provincial, national, or international level.

Our plaque wall incorporated a digital component to enhance the interactivity and informational content of the display.

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Digital Print Business Signs

Whether you want to cover massive spaces with your vision, or utilize vehicle exteriors and window space to promote your business, Behrends Group digital print signage is the solution you are looking for. Of course, there are times when temporary solutions are needed. Our Plywood Signs provide traffic awareness, construction notices, and promote real estate development. With a variety of media from paper, to wood, metal, vinyl, and more, we have been delivering exceptional digital print signage to clients for decades.

Large Format Signs

Print On Metal Signs

Vehicle & Window Vinyl

Other Digital Print Solutions Include: Roll Printing, Flatbed Printing, Frosted Graphics, Window Clings, Vehicle Magnets, Vehicle Lettering, and More.

plywood sign with digital print

Digital Print Sign Example

There are times where a permanent sign is not required, and you need a temporary solution. We can digitally print on banner material with our roll printers, or on wood with our large format flatbed printer.

Plywood signs have been used for traffic awareness, construction notices and for real estate development branding. 

You won't have to worry about the structure or install either, we can do that as well.

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Plastic Business Signs

Plastic signs deliver flexibility in design and are an integral part of many composite sign designs. With the option to easily incorporate illumination, your signage can be visible all day and night. But the options with plastic business signs don’t end there; you will find quality Behrends Group plastic and plastic composite signage in businesses across North America, in hotels, hospitals, offices, golf courses, and museums. If you are considering a high-information board, for example, our expert team can consult with you to help decide on optimal layout to ensure your plastic sign delivers the experience you are looking for. 

Behrends Group has been designing and manufacturing interpretive signs for over half a century. They tell the stories of landscapes and their different inhabitants. Behrends interpretive and exhibit signs aren’t just used for educational purposes; they can also provide user experience and artwork. Because these signs are faced with the elements, and typical human touch, we utilize only the highest quality and most durable materials. Be it trail markers on a golf course, or information boards at a museum, our custom high-pressure laminate panels inform patrons in an expressive and aesthetic manner.

Interpretive & Exhibit Signage

Illuminated Signs


Other Plastic Business Sign Solutions Include: Wayfinding, Donor Walls, Entrance Signs, Parks & Recreation Signs, Business Name Signs, and More.

Plastic Illuminated Lettering Example

When you need your business to look fantastic during the day and at night, Behrends Group can build you a custom sign incorporating illuminated plastic elements to cut through the darkness. Perfect for restaurants, hotels, or any business that wants to stand out after the sun sets, ask us about our illuminated letter signs.



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