Sign Maintenance & Cleaning


In general, our products are designed to look great with very little maintenance. All of our cast and cut metal products are protected with a clear coating which helps prevent oxidizing of the metallic surface. This clear coat can be damaged through mishandling, so it is important to install your product properly or have it done by a professional.


All handling should be performed with a pair of clean cotton gloves. Specification for different materials is below:

USEFUL INFORMATION Environmental effects which will affect aging of cast bronze and aluminum vary from area to area. Salt in the air, caused by pollution, the ocean or even from road salt and cleaners can break down the protective lacquer on your cast piece and it will begin to oxidize or develop a patina.

Oxidizaton – This will happen on Aluminum products. A white powder will form on the aluminum. Oxidation happens over many years, depending on climate.

Patination – A patina is the green, brown, or black colour that forms on bronze, brass, and copper depending on environmental influences Often desirable, patination is famously seen on the Statue of Liberty, and many antique sculptures and architectural features. Under natural weathering a patina takes many years to develop, but in coastal/marine environments the process will be faster than for dry inland areas.

Our plaques are protected by a clear coat to slow these processes down. We use a high quality industrial paint on our plaques. Just like your car, the paint on your plaque will fade slowly over time from exposure to sunlight. However, it will not be noticeable to the naked eye unless displayed directly next to a new or recently refinished plaque. The clear coat used on these plaques will help protect the paint, but this can eventually wear down due to abrasion and the elements.

* If you have any further questions about how to clean or care for your Behrends products, don’t hesitate to send us an email ( or give us a call at 1-800-501-0212.


  • Cleaning products (even light abrasive cleaners)
  • Petroleum or Acetone products
  • Coarse cloths or cleaning brushes
  • Power washers
  • Steam cleaners
  • Hot water