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Edmonton Construction Association Claude Alston Award

The Edmonton Construction Association’s Claude Alston Award is a project that blends the old and the new and was in part made possible by our longstanding relationship with the client. Behrends has designed and manufactured awards for the Edmonton Construction Association for years, including the original Claude Alston Award. When the ECA underwent rebranding, they approached us to do a redesign of the award.


As with all custom projects, close interaction and communication between client, sales person, and designer was crucial to the design and manufacturing process for this project. The established history between ECA and Behrends meant that the client entrusted us with a great deal of creative leeway when it came to the design, but at the same time, creating a custom design is always all about making the needs of the client paramount. Research and learning from the client are both important parts of the design process.


One of the challenges of this project was to incorporate the history of the award into a new design in keeping with the client’s new, rebranded look. The original award featured a bas relief sculpture of Claude Alston, who the award is named after. The client wanted to use the same bas relief sculpture, but it had to be a different size. Replicating an original artist commissioned bas relief is extremely difficult. Fortunately, since Behrends had designed and manufactured the original award, we had the pattern for the original art. This could be 3D scanned and then 3D carved in the appropriate size with a CNC router.



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