Alan Campbell Memorial

Alan Campbell Memorial

September 29, 2020

Cast Plaques , Graves & Memorials

Alan Campbell was a fun loving man with a large loving family. Al was a well known and respected machine shop owner of Campbell Industries Ltd. and he was active in the Ottewell Community. Al also enjoyed many outdoor activities with his friends and family. He will be missed. Al’s memorial marker is a testament to who he was as a person. As a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend, this marker will help serve as a timeless memorial to the legacy he left behind. The image on the left is of an oil Wellhead, which is the type of equipment Al manufactured in his machine shop business. We took a photo of the model and used it to create vector line art images that would cast in our foundry. The image on the right was crafted in the same way from an old photograph of Al skiing, one of his favorite pastimes for most of his life. The image in the middle is a three dimensional photo sculpt. Crafted much like how portraits are on coins, this image is cast integral, and an excellent way to enshrine an image of your loved one. Rest in Peace Alan.

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