Jagare Ridge Entrance Feature

Jagare Ridge Entrance Feature

May 12, 2016

Illuminated Letters , Entrance Signs , Metal Welcome Signs

In 2013 IBI Group came to us looking for some first-class entrance feature concepts for the new Jagare Ridge subdivision. They were looking for something of superior quality: an upscale set of features that would showcase the top-tier feel found throughout the golf course and subdivision. This kind of work is right up our alley, and we gladly jumped on board. The IBI team came to us early in the design stage, which allowed us to present them with a variety of concepts that met their vision and budget, utilizing our industry relationships as well as our in-house manufacturing prowess.

On projects like this, we get our best results when our partners come to us near the beginning of the design process. This allows us to work off of our manufacturing strengths, maximizing the value we can offer. IBI approached us at the conceptualizing stage, giving us the ability to design something that would look great and fit their needs as well as maximize every dollar they spent by engineering the project to be manufactured efficiently. After meeting with IBI’s Landscape Architects and having a look at their rough sketches, our team came up with a variety of concepts, then choose the best fits for Jagare Ridge. We then created some detailed 3D renderings to present to our partners at IBI Group. After some back-and-forth, we nailed the look they were going for, and moved right into the manufacture phase.

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