MKT Pylon Sign

MKT Pylon Sign

September 4, 2020

Business Signs , Custom Signage

Behrends was tasked with creating a pylon sign for MKT beer market. Working with Century Hospitality Group is not new to Behrends as we have been working together for years and most times we aren’t just creating a sign, we are creating an art piece.

You can find the MKT pylon sign on Gateway Blvd NW in Edmonton Alberta. If you don’t know, MKT has the largest patio on Whyte Ave and has 60 beers on tap that can be seen from their keg wall.

Naturally kegs were incorporated into the exterior pylon sign, but no-one actually sells kegs large enough to match the bold concept (that would be a lot of beer!) so Behrends built our own. They were cast in-house out of aluminum and hand polished.

The sign stands just under 30 feet tall which has cast aluminum channel letters that are backlit. The face of the kegs are also lit. It was retrofitted in house by Behrends; supplied and installed.

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